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Looking For a Career Change? The 9 Best Jobs Out There

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Studies suggest that the average person puts about 13 years’ worth of work into a career. This could be at one job or multiple jobs, with schooling or without schooling, as no one’s career path is exactly the same. If you are looking for a career change, you are not alone. 

The same studies suggest that at any given time approximately 70% of the working population is thinking about a career change at any given time. If you happen to be thinking about a career change but are unsure of what you might like to do, here are some great examples of up-and-coming careers to think about.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers design and build things or improve upon existing things. The screen you are reading this article on, the mouse you are using to click on your computer, the chair you are sitting in while you are perusing the internet, all of these things were designed by a mechanical engineer. The stress level of this job is normally low, and the work-life balance is good with a lot of opportunities for upward mobility.

At any given time approximately 70% of the working population is thinking about a career change. If you happen to be thinking about a career change but are unsure of what you might like to do, here are some great examples of up-and-coming careers.Click To Tweet


Do you prefer working with numbers over people? Then this job may be a perfect fit for you. Statisticians work with analyzing data, and may work in a large variety of different fields, even things like sports and TV. This job also pays very well and has a very low-stress level.

Industrial Psychologist

Industrial psychologists have the fascinating job of figuring out what makes employees tick and how to encourage employees and businesses to be better and get more fulfillment out of what they do. If you like working with people and helping improve others’ lives through your work, this job may be great for you. 

Environmental Engineer

If you care about the environment, being an environmental engineer allows you to input your passions directly into your career. Environmental engineers work with companies to help prevent impacts to the environment from man-made products and processes. This career is very science-focused, pays very well, and provides a lot of opportunities to work in different areas.


If you like helping people live happier lives, realtor jobs may be a good fit for you. It is relatively easy to get the certifications and licensure you need to have a realtor position, and the job has a very high paying potential and a lot of flexibility with scheduling and hours. Also, you are helping people find a home, possibly their first home, which is a huge life milestone and will feel awesome.

Software Developer

Software developers have quite a lot of flexibility with their positions, often deciding their own hours and usually having the ability to work some if not all from their homes. Software developers are always in high demand and the job is very high paying. If you enjoy working with code, creating new applications, testing software, and working with computers, software development may be a good fit.

Landscaping and Groundskeeping

While this job may not have a high pay scale, it can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding. You get to work outside and with plants, possibly even designing landscapes for businesses or homes. Creativity, a passion for plant life and the environment, a love of working in the outdoors, and the serenity that can bring are all parts of this career.

Radiation Technician

This career combines technology and people into a high-paying, helpful job that provides a clean environment and professional surroundings. The pay scale is impressive and the stress level is low, although some people may not be able to keep an objective persona around a bunch of people with cancer and this may cause some stress. However, you would be helping people try to beat cancer, which may cancel that out.

Web Developer

Being a website developer allows a lot of room for creative passions to explode. No two websites are exactly the same, and designing websites yourself gives you the ability to turn your creative mind into a functional product that many people will see. This career is often one that can be done from home and with flexible hours as well.

Trying to make the leap to a career change can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re uncertain as to what job may be best for you. However, by taking the time to educate yourself about what options are available, you can empower yourself to not only take that first step, but also secure a job that provides you with a great overall career

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