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6 Powerful Tips for Successful SMS Marketing

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Sending SMS is one of the most common ways used by people to communicate. While SMS marketing has been around for quite some time, perhaps even before digital marketing techniques emerged, not all advertisers are familiar with how they will be able to maximize their promotions using this tactic. This article lists some of the most effective tips that you can do to leverage the power of SMS marketing.

1. Perform Market Research

One of the primary things that you need to do to leverage the power of SMS marketing is to perform market research. You can do this by first exploring online sources to seek various types of information such as the basics of SMS marketing. In doing so, you may come across which tackles some of the best SMS marketing tactics and how you will be able to implement them responsibly. Aside from this, you will also be able to get a good insight into how your competitors implement SMS marketing.

When you know what your competitors are doing, you will have the opportunity to emulate the effective SMS marketing practices that they use, eliminating the need for you to reinvent the wheel. On the other hand, you will also have the chance to avoid the SMS marketing practices that are proven ineffective, saving you time, money, and effort that goes with it. Relevant market research that helps you gather the data that you need when it comes to SMS marketing will eventually give you a competitive edge in the market.

One of the primary things that you need to do to leverage the power of SMS marketing is to perform market research. You can do this by first exploring online sources to seek various types of information such as the basics of SMS marketing.Click To Tweet

2. Identify your Target Market

Another thing that you need to do to leverage the power of SMS marketing is to identify your target market. You first need to hone in on who your ideal customers are so that you will be able to craft your messages in a manner that will pique their interest. For instance, if your target market is an older generation, then the language that you should use should be one that they will understand, avoiding the jargon that the younger generation often uses and vice versa.

As soon as you have identified your target market, you need to exert extra effort to get to know them. For instance, you can analyze their purchase history as well as their demographics, which include their age and location. From there, you will be able to come up with the right messages that are appropriate for them or more targeted promotion. You can also use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to measure the success of the initial messages that you have sent.

3. Know the Perfect Timing

To leverage the power of SMS marketing, you also need to know the perfect timing of when to send your messages. In this case, you can rely on statistics and studies to identify when your target users are most active or when they are most likely to be on their phones. In this way, they will instantly see and read your messages and respond accordingly.

Statistics show that the working population tends to spend more time on their phones during lunch break and other work break times, as well as during the late hours in the evening right before getting to bed. This is the best time for you to send your promotional messages if your target market is the working population. In this way, there is a great chance for you to gain a positive impact when it comes to the metrics of your SMS marketing strategy.

4. Send Exclusive Deals and Offers via Text


Whenever you have new deals and promotional offers, consider sending them to your target market through SMS. Not only is this a cost-effective means of advertising, but it is also proven to be one of the most engaging too. In this case, you can use tools and software to send bulk messages to your target audience. Just keep in mind that your message should be complete but concise, which means that apart from the promo code, you should also include how they will be able to avail of the deal at the very least.

5. Use Call-to-Action Buttons

When you send SMS to your target audience, make sure to use call-to-action buttons that will not only captivate the attention of your customers but will most likely make them engage with your text. One of the most popular call-to-action buttons that are proven to be effective include “Show this text” which entails the need for your customers to show the message they have received from you when they buy products at your physical store. Another call-to-action button that you can use is “Click here”, which is beneficial when you need to limit the number of characters in the message that you need to send.

6. Gather Feedback

Finally, make sure to gather sufficient feedback for you to have a good idea of whether you can reach your SMS marketing metrics. One viable way for you to do this is by ending your SMS message with a survey or a poll, to interact with your customers and know what they think. From there, you will have a collection of data that you can use to generate reports that will show the preferences of your customers when it comes to your products and services.

In this way, you will be able to refine the messages you send by taking into consideration the data from your customers. Just remember to make the poll or survey fun and engaging to encourage your customers to take part in it. You can also ask your customers to leave feedback or review on your social media pages to wrap up your SMS.

To leverage the power of SMS marketing, make sure that you have gathered sufficient data from your market research. From there, you would also get to know your target market more and know the perfect timing for when to send messages. Thus, you will be able to efficiently send your offers through text, keeping in mind the use of call-to-action buttons. Also, make sure to gather feedback to further improve your SMS marketing technique because all these are geared towards ensuring that you will be able to make the most out of it.

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