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Learning Has No Age Limit!

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When you were 18, you were told you had to choose what you wanted to do with the rest of your life. It’s overwhelming and it often leads to kids who have been in school for years crashing out with high blood pressure far too early. Those who don’t go to college when they’re fresh out of high school then end up working in a range of jobs before deciding that actually, school may be a good idea! 

You may not have any idea where you want to be in life and then find yourself 30 years old and finally ready to settle into something – and that’s okay! Learning has no age limit, which means that you can be any age you want to be when you go back to school. Whether you head to look into Teach for America and go back into education the whole way, or you decide to throw it all into medical school, there are a lot of things that you can be doing and learning. There is no reason that you can’t go back to school later because learning has no age limit, and your maturity is going to give you an edge – even if you are tired. So, why should you go back to school a little later?

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  1. You have different priorities now compared to how you did at 18, which means that you are able to look at learning in a totally different way. When you make the choice to go to school, you are choosing your education rather than being pressured into it by family or educators at high school. Your decision is based on life experiences and a greater understanding of the things that you want. 
  2. Right now, at this moment, the chances are your life is far more stable than it has been in years. You’re likely already in a great job and have a family and a supportive partner in the mix. Going back to school doesn’t disrupt your life, it enhances it all. You may be able to access finance to pay for your new education, and you can lean on your family as you go through it all.
  3. Your experience in life as it stands right now is epic. You’re already traveled and you’ve had work experience. You might be committed to someone and you may even have children. Those life experiences can only enhance what you can bring to your new course, and your teachers will be excited about it because you will be an example to so many.
  4. You’re at the point in life that you know what you want, and it’s time for you to go and get it. You are never too old to go and do something for yourself; including school. The big part of the college experience is the maturity you gain with independence. You’ve already nailed that, which enables you to focus on the education side of things.

What are you waiting for? This is your life and you only get one of them. Go and craft it for you!

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