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Find Your Legal Niche: Matching Law Areas to Career Goals

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Law is for You

It’s no straightforward matter deciding to become a lawyer, just as it’s no straightforward matter deciding to do anything, career-wise. It’s a big commitment! Especially with all the schooling that you need to go through. Then, once you can see the end in sight, you need to begin thinking about which area of law you want to practice in. With so much choice, how does anyone ever decide? Below, we’ve put together some useful tips that’ll make finding the right path for you a little bit easier to decide which area of law is for you.

Law Career Choices

  • Corporate Law: Ideal for those interested in business and commerce, corporate law involves advising corporations on legal rights, responsibilities, and transactions.
  • Environmental Law: Perfect for those passionate about environmental issues, this field focuses on laws that protect the environment and regulate natural resources.
  • Intellectual Property Law: Suited for creative minds, this area deals with protecting rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works.
  • Criminal Law: For those seeking justice, criminal law revolves around prosecuting or defending individuals charged with criminal conduct.
  • Family Law: A good fit for those interested in personal matters, family law handles cases like divorce, custody, and adoption.
  • Human Rights Law: Ideal for advocates of social justice, this field focuses on protecting individual rights and freedoms.
  • Employment Law: Great for those interested in the dynamics of the workplace, focusing on employee rights, disputes, and workplace policies.
  • International Law: Suitable for those with a global perspective, it deals with laws and regulations that govern international relations.
  • Tax Law: Best for detail-oriented individuals, tax law involves the regulations, policies, and rules that govern tax processes.
  • Healthcare Law: For those interested in the medical sector, this area deals with healthcare policies, regulations, and ethics.

Take Your Time

First of all, it’s important that you take your time and avoid rushing into anything. It’s easy to feel panicked and to think that you need to just pick something so you can start working on your career, but recognize that this would not be a smart and rational course of action. And if you’re going to be a lawyer, then you need to specialize in smart and rational actions! It’s fine to take your time and wait for the answers to come to you. While you can always change your specialty further down the line, things will be a lot easier if you give yourself some space to get the right answer the first time around.

Identify Your Passions

If you can identify where your passions lie, then you’ll never steer too far off course in life. Of course, if it were easy to identify passions, then everyone would do it! It can be tricky. To begin, think about what aspects of life – not necessarily law – get you excited, and then go from there. You might be concerned with the environment, in which case an environmental agency would be the right solution.

You might find that you’re passionate about the working world, in which case a law firm that specializes in labor and employment law, such as Ogletree, would be a perfect fit. The world of law is large in scope; whatever your interests are, there’ll be a law firm that’s right for you.

“What’s your motive for going? In the interest of making sure the three-year and six-figure investment is the right one for you, here’s the truth behind some common motives and some important things to consider before taking the plunge”

And Your Strengths

Of course, passion won’t always walk you directly to the right area of law. You also need to keep in mind what your strengths and characteristics are. If you’re a whizz with numbers, then you might want to consider working with tax law. If you’re naturally outgoing and combative, then litigation would be a suitable match for your personality. If you can combine your passions and strengths, then you’ll find the area you belong in.

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Talk to Experienced Lawyers

You’re not the first person to go through this struggle, and you won’t be the last, either. Every lawyer has also had to answer this question, so why not use them as a source of advice? Speak to lawyers working in all fields about the process they used to find their practice area, and whether they would change anything if they could do it all again. Whatever area you eventually decide upon, make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons.

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