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Career Path: Dreaming Of Being A Lawyer

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Are you thinking of a career as a lawyer? If this is one of your possible paths, consider the skills, strengths, and lifestyle you’re heading towards. A lot of people dream of becoming an attorney. It’s not a shock really. 

Lawyers are known to earn high salaries, especially those working in the private sector or in corporate law. Television and media are filled with compelling stories about the influence, power, and status that come with this profession. Just think about some of the popular legal dramas, such as The Good Fight or Bull.  

If you’ve been tracking popular television programs, you know that the key players are well-dressed, enjoy high status, and live in stunning homes. However, in spite of the glittery appearance, being a lawyer often is filled with hard work, long hours, and a lot of public interaction. Let’s look at some of the skills that are required in this fascinating professional path.

Are you thinking of a career as a lawyer? If this is one of your possible paths, consider the skills, strengths, and lifestyle you’re heading towards. A lot of people dream of becoming an attorney. It’s not a shock really. Click To Tweet

Investing In Learning

Becoming a lawyer requires an intensive investment in learning. Most law schools offer 3-year programs, with full-time attendance. Law school is usually a career path that is built on a 4-year bachelor’s degree program.

Some schools offer accelerated law programs, with shorter time frames, such as 2-year completion. Other schools offer options for online training and part-time attendance. If you are not able to take off a full three years from work, these programs may be a route to consider.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with the time requirements to achieve your career goals.

Excelling In Testing

One of the reasons why lawyers are so good at what they do is that they constantly learn, practice, and test their knowledge. For instance, to get into a law school program, you need to take the LSAT. This exam has a written portion and a multiple-choice section. 

Because your LSAT score is so critical, career counselors recommend taking an LSAT practice test. This makes it possible to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, without suffering any adverse consequences. 

During law school, you’ll also take many tests in a verbal and written understanding of the law. And, once you graduate, you’ll take more exams to pass the state bar. Further, if you want to practice law in different states, more exams will be required.

Tip: If you love taking tests, you’re in the right profession. If you suffer from test anxiety, seeking professional help is a smart idea.

Using Exceptional Writing

Writing is an essential part of being a lawyer. From emails to briefs to legal proceedings, writing is the name of the game. Many professionals feel that words are the tools of success. 

You’ll use words to influence opinion, show the subtle points of the law, and open hearts and minds. If you love words, you’ll work hard to master this key art of verbal and written persuasion.

Tip: Practice your written skills in emails, letters, and reports.

Being A Persuasive Speaker

Speaking is a key part of being a successful lawyer. Do you love to convince people of your perspective? Do you enjoy talking about the hidden elements of complex issues? If you hate public speaking, being an attorney will be challenging. 

Many people who love the law find that public speaking training is an essential part of their professional development. Fortunately, if you love the law but public speaking doesn’t come naturally, you can develop these skills. It may take some time and training, but these skills can be developed.

Tip: Consider taking a course online or checking out a community college course. Explore public speaking courses at local schools, Toastmasters, and online options.

Using Logical and Strategic Thinking

One of the hallmarks of a lawyer is a keen mind, analytical skills, and logic. Just think of your favorite television courtroom scenes. The top lawyers seem to have a way of putting complex issues into a new light.

Do you have this kind of analytical and logical mind? You may notice you love logical games, puzzles, and arguments. If so, you can apply these natural talents to do good in the field of law. 

Tip: If you aren’t naturally logical, you can develop these skills with dedicated effort. Take up puzzles. Learn to play chess. Take courses in logical thinking.

Sporting a Polished Image

Remember the stunning outfits worn by your favorite television super lawyers? Being dressed in business attire and projecting a polished image is a way that many lawyers command respect.

A polished image may be something that seems outdated or old-school. However, in top law firms, clothing standards are often high and exacting. If you hate wearing ties and wouldn’t be caught dead in a suit, this may be difficult for you. 

Tip: Investigate firms in your area to find out current standards.

Marketing To Clients

While many firms have client development teams, individual lawyers are often responsible for marketing to clients. If you are interested in growing a successful law practice, you’ll want to gain comfort and familiarity with ways to market your professional skills.

Many law firms are expanding into brand positioning strategies to drive retention and growth. Lawyers are using brand awareness to make their firms a household name. Branding is a core part of marketing a successful law practice.

It’s not only the big firms who are paying attention to their marketing efforts and brand image. If you are in private practice, you’ll want to develop a compelling brand, powerful logo, and precise messaging to meet your target audience.

Tip: Investigate brand awareness and boost your personal brand message while you develop your legal skills.

Wrapping It Up

Does being a lawyer sound like the profession of your dreams? As a lawyer, you’ll have a chance to learn new skills, excel in tests, practice persuasive writing, give compelling arguments, market to clients, and dress for success. 

If you feel called to being an attorney, you are ahead of the competition. With your clarity, dedication, and hard work, you can achieve the professional accomplishments you’re dreaming about and finally enjoy the career in law that you’ve always wanted.

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