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Finding your first job marks the beginning of your and, while you’re probably just hoping you get a job, you should prepare for the long haul (working that is, not job search) and try to pick a job that suits you best. Finding a job right out of school is difficult these days.  Not that many opportunities and too much competition. “Seize the day” and get a leg up on your competition.

You should also take a look at The Four Legs of Job Search because you need to balance your search and ensure you don’t focus on a narrow set of resources.


For those that follow my blog, you will be familiar with the Job Search Marketing Toolkit. Your toolkit should include everything you need for your job search. This post focuses on tools for college grads and entry-level job searchers. Lots of stuff you will need to get your career going and find a job.


  • Powerful New Grad Resumes and Cover Letters: 10 Things They Have in Common – A great article with lots of resources advice and links provided by Quintcareers,  the ten tips offer advice on targeting your market and leveraging your college career experience. The page has additional related links on the left hand side of the page as well as some additional links at the bottom of the page.
  • Student & New Graduate Resume Answers – This article, from, offers examples, how to make your resume look good (even though you don’t have experience, what to include and so much more. On top of this, there are a bunch of related links for your use.
  • Entry Level Resumes – The first and most important thing you will need is a resume. Take your time with this as your ability to “get your foot in the door” is heavily dependent on the content and “look and feel” of your resume. There are so many choices these days. This resource, from, provides a list of links to help you get started (or to improve on what you already have).

Cover Letters: Almost as important as your resume, cover letters help get you in the door. A bunch of resources.

  • Student Cover Letters – Yes, it is a student resource site but is great for recent grads as well. Cover letters are key for getting your foot in the job search door.

Job Search Resources:

  • Experience – Thousands of jobs! A good place to start, especially if you are looking for entry-level jobs. This is a job search engine that focuses on helping you build your career.
  • Monster College – This is’s college focused career site. Their tag line “It’s time to graduate into your career” says it all. Top of the site has links for Entry Level Jobs, Internships, Career Advice, Hired 101 and so much more. Center page has links you will be interested in, such as Top 25 Cities for Finding Entry Level Jobs. Right hand side of the page has your basic search, a place to join and more. There are forums to join as well.
  • – “Find Your Focus” is their tag line. Internships, Jobs, Resources and blog.
  • 40 Job Hunting RSS Feeds for Recent College Graduates – This is a list of resources from and includes the top job search sites, business sites, tech jobs and medical industry links. The page also has a list of related links on the left hand side of the page. Certainly worth adding these sites to your list (as well as the RSS feeds).


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