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Job Loss – A Focused Approach to Job Search

Okay, so you lost your job. Maybe you knew it was going to happen and you weren’t surprised, maybe you had no clue and it was a total shock. However you got here, the truth is you are out of work and it’s time to start your job search. If you’re thinking you need a break before you begin your job search in earnest, take two or three days (no more) and then get to work on your job search (because your current job is to find a job).

So what’s going through your mind?

  • You feel incredibly stressed, how long will it take to find a job? Take a look at I Lost My Job, Now What?
  • Do you take the first job offer that comes your way or wait for a job that best fits your experience?
  • You feel guilty for every minute not spent looking for a job
  • Maybe you have no clue where to get started

Several weeks pass by, you’ve updated your resume, written your cover letters, done your research, read the Job Search Marketing Toolkit and you’ve established a regular routine for your job search.  You need to keep updating your resources, refresh your list and maximize the time you spend looking for a job. But first, take a step back and review the refocus points below.

Suggested Reading: Moving On: New Life After Job Loss – A Guide to Picking Yourself Up, Shaking Off the Dirt, and Getting Your Life Back in Order

Refocus Points: It’s all very overwhelming, but spend a day refocusing your efforts as follows:

  1. Job Search Plan: If you already have a job search plan, now is a good time to review and revise it.  If you don’t already have a plan, you need one.  Take a look at Planning for Your Job Search – Lesson 1
  1. Get Your Document in Order: You should already have your resume, cover letter, thank you notes, etc. in order.  Now is the time to review them to see if something is missing.  Remember, your cover letter is the first thing the hiring manager will see, ensure it is relevant to the job description.  If you need a refresher on your documents, take a look at the link for the Job Search Marketing Toolkit
  1. Your Focused List: The links to the lists below will help you create your inventory of whom to contact, but remember some basic points:
    • Spread your time across job search resources (company career sites, recruiters, job search boards).
    • If a posted job (whether on LinkedIn or some job search site) is more than 7 days old, chances are that tens of resumes (if not hundreds) have already been sent (so maybe you should focus somewhere else).
    • Don’t forget your networking list.
  1. Dedicate Time to Your Search: If you are out of work, then you should be spending at least 8 hours per day on your job search.  Yes, it sounds like a lot of time, but job search is time-consuming and the more time you spend up front the quicker you will start to get results.
  1. Don’t Panic: As mentioned above, job search takes up a lot of time.  If you are doing your “one a day” (one recruiter, one company career site, one job search site and someone from your network) then you are creating at least 20 new “feelers” a week.  After a few weeks, you will have reached out to over 100 resources but it all takes time for it to work its way through the system. You will start to get responses a few weeks after you start.

Following are some additional resources to help in your search.

We are always eager to hear from our readers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding CareerAlley content.

Good luck in your search,

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