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Empowering Shift: Top Companies That Support Female Employees

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If you’re job hunting as a woman, you might recognize that, despite advancements, we still navigate a predominantly male-dominated world. Women hold 5.4% of CEO positions among the 8,000 companies on the S&P Global Broad Market Index (BMI). While it’s a slight improvement, it still signifies a significant underrepresentation of women in leadership roles at major corporations worldwide.

Several industries, historically male-dominated, are now actively welcoming female recruits. These sectors are adopting innovative strategies to ensure women receive the equal opportunities they deserve, focusing on training and promoting women to address the significant gender imbalance.

Top 20 Companies That Support Female Employees

  • Google: Offers comprehensive maternity leave, women in leadership programs, and a strong commitment to closing the gender pay gap.
  • Microsoft: Focuses on diversity and inclusion, providing mentorship programs for women, flexible working arrangements, and leadership development opportunities.
  • IBM: Pioneers in creating a diverse workforce with robust programs for women’s health, career re-entry for women, and a global women’s leadership council.
  • Accenture: Known for its commitment to gender equality with excellent maternity and paternity leave policies, and initiatives to promote women in technology.
  • Deloitte: Offers mentorship and networking opportunities, flexible work options, and has a strong focus on increasing the number of women in leadership positions.
  • Amazon: Provides a supportive environment with affinity groups like the Amazon Women in Engineering (AWE) and initiatives to boost women’s leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Facebook (Meta): Encourages women in tech through leadership courses, women’s networking groups, and diversity programs aimed at increasing female representation.
  • Ernst & Young (EY): Offers career development programs for women, supports flexible working conditions, and actively works to eliminate the gender pay gap.
  • Johnson & Johnson: Champions women’s leadership through development programs, a global mentoring program, and a commitment to women’s health and well-being.
  • Pfizer: Focuses on female representation in all areas, with programs supporting work-life balance, career development, and women’s health initiatives.
  • Cisco: Recognized for its efforts to empower women through networking groups, leadership development programs, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Salesforce: Promotes gender equality with equal pay initiatives, comprehensive parental leave policies, and empowerment programs for women.
  • Adobe: Supports women in tech with its Adobe Women’s Network, focuses on creating a diverse workforce, and ensures gender pay parity.
  • Intel: Committed to increasing the representation of women in the tech industry, offering family-friendly benefits and women’s leadership programs.
  • LinkedIn: Provides programs for women’s professional development, mentorship opportunities, and initiatives to ensure workplace diversity and inclusion.
  • Spotify: Offers a supportive culture with flexible working hours, generous parental leave, and initiatives aimed at achieving gender balance in the workplace.
  • Unilever: Known for its progressive policies on gender balance, leadership development for women, and commitment to empowering women across its global operations.
  • Procter & Gamble (P&G): Advocates for gender equality with initiatives to support women in leadership roles, mentoring programs, and a focus on work-life balance.
  • Goldman Sachs: Offers programs aimed at supporting women in finance, including networking events, mentorship programs, and initiatives to increase female leadership.
  • Airbnb: Supports women through diversity and inclusion initiatives, leadership development programs, and policies aimed at creating a supportive environment for female employees.
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Industries Actively Focusing on Hiring Women

Industries across the board are increasingly focusing on hiring women, recognizing the immense value of gender diversity in fostering innovation and growth. Sectors such as technology, healthcare, and finance are leading the charge, implementing targeted strategies to attract female talent.

These efforts include mentorship programs, flexible work policies, and equal opportunity initiatives, aiming to create more inclusive workplaces and to address the gender imbalance that has historically skewed these fields.

Technology and IT

In the Technology and IT sector, there’s a concerted push towards balancing the workforce by actively recruiting women for both technical positions and leadership roles. This initiative reflects a broader commitment to diversity and inclusion, aiming not only to address gender imbalances but also to harness the unique perspectives and skills women bring to the industry. By creating more inclusive environments, these sectors are fostering innovation and driving forward with a more diverse range of voices and ideas.


The healthcare industry is keen on recruiting women across a spectrum of roles, including clinical, research, and administrative positions. This initiative aims to balance gender representation and leverage the unique perspectives women offer, thereby enhancing patient care and operational effectiveness. By focusing on female talent, the sector seeks to correct historical gender imbalances and foster a more inclusive and dynamic healthcare environment.

Finance and Banking

The Finance and Banking sector is committed to boosting female representation in leadership and decision-making roles. By adopting targeted recruitment and development strategies, the industry aims to dismantle barriers, fostering a more inclusive and balanced environment. This initiative recognizes the critical role women play in driving innovation and ethical decision-making, contributing to the sector’s overall growth and performance.

Engineering and Manufacturing

The Engineering and Manufacturing sectors are actively expanding opportunities for women in design, production, and management roles. This push towards diversity and gender equality aims to break traditional gender barriers and capitalize on the unique insights women offer. By fostering an inclusive environment with mentorship and professional development, these industries are enhancing innovation and problem-solving, thereby strengthening their growth and adaptability in the global market.


The Legal sector is prioritizing the recruitment and advancement of female lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants to enhance gender diversity. By implementing initiatives like mentorship programs, flexible work policies, and fair promotion tracks, the industry aims to create a more inclusive environment. This approach not only seeks to balance gender representation but also to leverage diverse perspectives, enriching the legal profession and fostering a dynamic, equitable workplace.

Trucking Industry

The Trucking Industry is making strides to diversify by actively recruiting women for driving, logistics, and leadership roles, aiming to transform its landscape. This move towards inclusivity seeks to dismantle traditional gender barriers, bringing fresh perspectives and skills to the forefront.

By integrating women into various positions, the industry not only addresses its driver shortage but also capitalizes on the unique contributions of women to drive innovation and operational excellence. This initiative marks a significant step in evolving the trucking sector into a more inclusive and dynamic arena.


This exploration highlights a significant shift towards gender equality in the workplace, led by companies committed to empowering female employees. By championing diversity and inclusion, these organizations are not only breaking barriers but also setting new standards for innovation and balance in the professional realm. Their efforts in supporting women’s advancement underscore the critical role of inclusivity in driving both individual careers and overall business success, promising a more equitable and dynamic future for the global workforce.

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