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The Importance of Deal Sealing

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  1. Learning How to Seal the Deal

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Learning How to Seal the Deal

Whether you’re a boss or not, learning how to seal the deal is the single most important thing you can do if a career in business is your goal. Deal sealing is an art and, much like any other art both in the world of business and outside of it, it takes time to become well-versed in it. So, you must devote time to perfecting your deal-sealing tactics and style! Read on for advice on how to do so.

First things first, you should know that the business of deal-sealing begins right at the word go. It must be ingrained in your mind that as soon as you make an interaction with a customer, you have entered into a deal and have the potential to seal it there and then. And to seal that deal there are a number of things to do.

One of the most important things is to remember that body language is as important as words. This means you should offer a firm handshake. You should stand upright, firm, and strong. And you should always look your sparring partner in this bout of deal-sealing in the eye.

Another thing you should do in this first interaction with a potential client is to portray yourself in a certain manner. First and foremost, you must portray yourself as professional at all times, no matter what type of business you offer or have entered into. However, depending on what type of business you own or are in, you should tweak your approach. For instance, if your business is one where you and your customers are close, then you should take a somewhat jovial approach.

You should do this because it gives your customer insight into your business and the way you do business. Think of it as an interview, and use all those interview techniques you have perfected every time a new customer walks through your doors. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure your potential client knows how thankful you are to be speaking with them and how much you would value their custom!


Deal sealing, as previously stated, is the single most important skill any businessman or woman can hone. But if honing these skills doesn’t come naturally to you, then fear not. Just because you are not an expert deal sealer now, it doesn’t mean you are destined for failure in the world of business. And it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t be an expert in that particular field in the future.

There are a number of sales and customer service training specialists out there willing and waiting to help. One such band of experts that are waiting to help you are Service Skills, and you should check out Service Skills if improving your customer service skills is what you need to do to turn yourself into an expert deal sealer. Once you do so, your days of losing custom to bad sealing techniques will be a thing of the past!

So, if you want to unlock your deal-sealing potential, then make sure to take heed of the advice above. And check out these other potential ways to seal a deal whilst you’re at it.

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