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How to Write a Stellar Job Description to Grab the Attention of Content Creators?

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How does job description influence hiring?

As the world inches back to normalcy after the pandemic, many companies are looking to restore employees or hire fresh talent to keep up with the demand. Unfortunately, for HR managers, it has become challenging to find the best—suited candidate for the job. Therefore, the job description of a profile should be carefully written as it is the first step in attracting the right candidates. 

The demand for new talent and new jobs have balanced each other in recent times. HR managers search for candidates on online portals, and job—seekers scan through job listings on the same. The job description is the first thing that grabs the attention of a person keen on finding a good position. So, to get qualified candidates to apply for a post, you need to write an effective and thorough job description. 

The rise of the new Creator Economy

An economy booming with content creators is the most significant shift companies have seen in the past five years. The creator economy is made up of multiple businesses that have been established entirely by content creators and curators. Although the creator economy was born a decade ago, it is the fastest—growing type of business, one that companies can benefit from. 

The creator economy came into full force once people discovered the power of the internet and what they could accomplish with it. These people are called content creators now. They establish their niche, develop unique content revolving around it, and have a good chunk of people following them. In today’s highly technological world, where content is of supreme importance, companies are looking to get content creators on board. 

Why do companies need content creators?

Two major reasons justify the sudden growth and demand for creators. Additionally, changing trends and marketing methods have boosted content creators around the globe. Companies need content creators to help meet their business objectives because:

  • The need to stand out from competitors

The battle for consumer attention is fierce in the market. Every company wants to offer something that its competitors do not. A great way to get the needed attention is by working with influencers and content creators who already have a steady group of people following them. 

The returns on investments in content creators outweigh the amount a company pays for its services. There is a better chance of reaching out to newer audiences and elevating the advertising technique. A solid social media presence and some content creators working for them is the most efficient way to get the audience’s attention. 

  • The demand for relevant and personalized content

The two challenges that companies face in this digital world are creating content that is relevant and personalizing content for different demographics. It is difficult to churn out content that keeps pace with the culture as every day new events take place globally. Companies rely on content creators, who are already aware of the latest happenings, and, therefore, get more time to create content that the audience connects with. 

Multiple consumer personas have popped, and no two are the same. To target these personas, different forms of content need to be used. It is not necessary that what works for an 18—year—old would suit a 30—year—old too. Content creators are spread across their audience groups. A company can reach out to its target audience by collaborating with a content creator whose audience is similar. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, where personalized and relevant content is promised. 

The job description is the first thing that grabs the attention of a person keen on finding a good position. So, to get qualified candidates to apply for a post, you need to write an effective and thorough job description. Click To Tweet

What to include in a job description for content creators?

It is evident just how vital a content creator is for any company. However, it is equally vital to have the best and most talented people applying for an opening in your company. In a job post, the company’s requirements and responsibilities should be clearly stated so that the interested candidate knows what to expect. 

Additionally, HR managers should make it easy for candidates to apply for the job on the portal, say, by including online job application forms, so that they share information and their resume in the right place. There are three essential things that your HR manager should consist of in the job description:

  • Job brief

The job brief is where you expound on the expectations that you have set for the content creator. You will briefly mention their responsibilities, for example, writing articles, blog posts, etc. The applicant should also be aware of what the company expects from them and what they can expect from the company. 

You could encourage the applicants to share their work portfolios so that you can verify their skills for the job. Finally, mention the goals that the company aims to achieve in the long run. Then, specify how you believe the company and the content creator can play their part in achieving those goals. 

  • Responsibilities

Some of the responsibilities of a content creator would be:

  • Researching about industry—related topics
  • Preparing furnished drafts using digital word processing and publishing platforms
  • Creating and distributing copies to advertise the company’s offerings concerning a product or a service
  • Interview industry personalities and include their views in blogs and articles
  • Edit and proofread all written pieces of content before their final publication
  • Conduct keyword research and use SEO guidelines to optimize the content for search engines
  • Promote content on different social media channels and monitor and measure the engagement
  • Identify customers’ needs and suggest new topics for articles and blogs
  • Coordinate with the design and the marketing team 
  • Measure web traffic to the content(conversion rates, CTRs, and bounce rates)
  • Update websites as per requirement

Requirements and skills

The skillset of a content creator could be the following:

  • Proven work experience as a content creator, copywriter, or any associated role
  • Portfolio of published work
  • Hands—on experience with different software and management platforms
  • Excellent and impeccable writing and editing skills
  • An ability to fact—check all long content pieces
  • Should be familiar with SEO and SEO practices
  • An undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in Mass Communication, Marketing, English, Journalism, or any other relevant field
  • Perfect time management skills 

Five creative ways to write a stellar job description

The most noticeable part of a job opening is the job description. If your company is not portrayed correctly in the description, then you may be driving away qualified applicants. The more qualified candidates you have, the easier it will be to find the perfect person for the job. To understand how this works, go through this example of content creator job description.  

A well—written job description will not only save time but will simplify the recruitment process. As a recruiter, you need to be creative in describing the job. Some ways to do that are:

  • Optimize searchable keywords

You must research and use the best keywords in the job description to get the most traffic on the job post. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help you find high—performing and trending keywords. You can check the performance of a job post and make changes in future posts. 

  • Avoid usage of biased words

Certain words that contain bias can immediately stop a candidate from applying for the job. You may unconsciously target a specific group of people, which will change their minds. Look out for words that are either masculine or feminine and change them with neutral words. Your job description should reach out to the maximum number of applicants. 

  • Give a summary of your company

The advertisement about the job opening should always have the company’s background attached to it. One of the biggest factors why people apply for a position is the impression and the company’s reputation on them and the industry. The name of the company should be enough to convince people to apply. A summary of the company will add to the credibility of the company, especially for newcomers.

  • Use images, videos, and other visual aids

Ensure to include images, videos, and other visual aid that align with your company. Using many words in the job description might cripple the attention span of the interested candidate. It is a fact that people view and apply for multiple jobs during the day if they have a chance, so your job description should have something interesting that catches their eye. Visual aids have also been associated with increasing engagement, which your job post requires. 

  • Speak the applicant’s language

When putting out a job opening, place yourself in the applicant’s shoes and view from their perspective. The language should be easily understandable, as the newbie will not be aware of the company’s jargon or acronyms. Tapping on the right emotions and logic of the candidate is needed to receive more job applications. 

In conclusion

Content creators are now a valuable part of the economy. Companies are and will look out for more content creators to work with in the near future. Whether marketing, content, or branding, they have what it takes for a company to succeed. Therefore, it is of supreme importance that you join forces with the best—suited content creators for your company. Writing a stellar job description to attract them to apply for the job is the first step. 

By B Naomi Grace

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