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The value of education in today’s economy is measured in how you can apply it over the life of your learning process, but it’s crucial to your immediate and future professional success. You only have to read a few job postings to see the potential and value of a college degree.

Hitting that Ceiling

Many people simply hit a point in their careers where they can go no further without more education. Many management positions are closed to those who, although they have a lot of experience, don’t have the higher education that many organizations look for in their managers. Likewise, some advanced positions require skills that are primarily found in people who have gone beyond a bachelor’s and earned a master’s degree. To get to the next level in your career, you may need more education.

The value of education in today’s economy is measured in how you can apply it over the life of your learning process, but it’s crucial to your immediate and future professional success. Click To Tweet

But this introduces some logistical problems for people who are currently working, possibly supporting a family. Many professionals are busy and simply can’t be flexible enough with their jobs to attend daytime classes and work toward that degree. And even when you can find night classes, commuting to school in addition to work is also a pain. These problems have traditionally kept many adult students from pushing forward with their educational goals, such as an online MBA Marketing degree.

How a Part-Time Degree Program Can Get You There

The good news for anyone looking to get more education is that technology is transforming the world of higher learning for the better. More and more adults are earning online degrees or continuing their education at night while they work. Taking some or all of your courses at night or online can help you reach that next level in your education. This allows you to complete classwork on your own schedule, working it around your professional and family life.

There are real, tangible benefits to earning your degree while working. The earning potential is certainly there for college graduates, as is the job security. Statistically, you’ll earn more with a degree than you will without one.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the difference in earnings between a bachelor’s and a master’s degree can be substantial. The difference between a bachelor’s and a high school diploma can also be substantial (see Lifetime Earnings by Education Level). There are also large differences between types of degrees and levels of experience. This is where professionals who keep working in the industry while they learn have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. Achieving both advanced levels of knowledge and putting that knowledge into practice while on the job is the way to go.

Differences between Degrees

Certain degrees are certainly more valuable than others for fast-tracking your example, salaries frequently reach into the six figures for senior positions. Many job descriptions for project managers and other senior positions will accept either a master’s degree or a certain number of years of experience. The benefit of the degree is that the learning tends to be denser; you get more knowledge in a shorter amount of time, even if it’s more focused than comprehensive on-the-job experience.

On the other hand, liberal arts degrees see a much lower return on investment than do more technical degrees in engineering and the sciences. More people tend to go into those fields, and they just aren’t growing as quickly as technical fields.

Whether you’re looking to move into a senior position in your current career, break into a new industry or just augment your current skill set with new knowledge, online education can help you do it on your own terms. And when you find yourself in the right industry, the payoff in earnings and job security can be significant.

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