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We live in interesting times. Many career options are available in the modern world. You don’t have to settle for an ordinary one. Instead, you could choose something unique that pays well and is far more interesting than a conventional career. But what if you don’t want to work for anyone? Is it possible for you to invent your own career? Absolutely! Here are two examples of profitable careers where you can set your own hours and enjoy a handsome profit.

What if you don’t want to work for anyone? Is it possible for you to invent your own career? Absolutely!

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Start A Car Flipping Company

You’ve heard about house flipping, right? That’s when you buy a rundown house at a low cost, fix it up, and then sell it at a higher cost. It’s a profitable venture–but even cheap houses are expensive if you don’t have the money. A bank is unlikely to lend you the money that you need, so you would have to find a hard money lender who would charge you high-interest rates. It’s a good business model if you have the money to buy a house and can hire a construction crew to fix it up.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Car flipping is similar but easier. Now, instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars, you’re only paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a broken-down car. In fact, you could probably do it without borrowing any money. If you have automotive repair skills, you could fix up the car yourself.

Buying auto parts need not be expensive either, even if you buy a foreign luxury car whose parts are costly. You could simply use a service like Tear-A-Part to buy auto parts at a marked-down price. Assuming you restore a popular model, you could make back the money you spent on buying and repairing it by selling the attractive, running car for a good profit.

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Launch A Resume Writing Service

Did you know that most people hate writing resumes?

First, some people don’t like writing resumes for psychological reasons. They don’t want to mull over their past jobs. For many people, it stirs up unpleasant memories. It’s analogous to decluttering a home and coming across a stack of forgotten love letters. They could be depressing because it was a terrible relationship or because it was a great relationship that’s now been lost. Similarly, some people feel depressed about their previous jobs because they had lousy bosses, mean coworkers, or difficult customers. Others may feel depressed because they had a terrific job that’s now behind them.

“You may have to compromise. You would probably have to look for a mundane job while you prepare for what you really want to do. You could find employment in the same field, which would give you insight, and which might lead to further avenues and better things. At the very least, you will be lifted into positive thoughts and a pathway to follow. And you will have an AIM in life.” – Starting Your Own Business

Second, some people don’t know how to write a resume. They don’t know what to say or how to organize the information. They aren’t good with words and feel overwhelmed by all the technical aspects of resume writing.

Third, some people don’t have the time. They don’t have any psychological issues and know how to write a resume, but are too busy to write or update their resume.

As a resume writer, you would have none of these constraints. You won’t experience psychological turmoil because it’s not your personal history and you won’t feel intimidated by the verbal or technical skills necessary to put together a resume because you’ve studied what to say and which templates to choose. Also, since it’s your job to write resumes, you’re putting your time to good use.


These are just two examples of how easy it is to invent your own career. Choose something that you’re naturally good at doing and make it into a career. For instance, if you’re an auto mechanic, then fixing a car is something that you know how to do. With resume writing, you just need to have an interest in writing and take a course in professional resume writing.

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