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How to Complete a Job Application

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When you come across a job that you wish to apply for, the thought of completing the job application can often fill people with dread. This is especially true when presented with questions you aren’t sure how to answer. It is more important than ever to complete a job application in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd, primarily when the U.S Bureau of National Labor Statistics reports there have been improvements in the labor market.

Whether you are applying for your first job or are a seasoned job hunter, the tips and tricks below will help you complete an application form that will help you land that job.

Why do I need to fill out a job application form?

While a large number of companies will accept your CV, some companies ask you to complete a job application form. This standardized form will assist them in selecting the best candidate. It’s also an easy way for them to collect all your data. Completing an application form is also beneficial for you, and it’s an easy and straightforward way of highlighting your skills and your employment history. Of course, you need to find a job to apply for; you can do this through online searching now within your particular area of expertise. For example, check out these Harvest positions.  

When you find a job that you wish to apply for, the thought of completing a job application can often fill people with dread. Whether you are applying for your first job or are a seasoned job hunter, these tips will help you complete your job application.Click To Tweet

What should you include?

The employer will construct the application form, but you will be expected to complete your personal details; this is straightforward. You can write these in advance in a document and copy and paste on to the form. 


The potential employer will want to know your education; this ensures you are qualified for the position. If this is your first job, expect to insert all of your education here, however, if you have been a professional for a while, a summary of education is sufficient. Remember though, it’s important you meet the educational requirements for the post so read over these before you take time to complete the application form. 

Employment History

Employment history is another section of the application that will be needed. Before completing, sit down and figure out the dates of your previous employment. It is important that you give correct dates as these can be checked. Also, include any periods of volunteer work or internships. 

Activities & Interests

More often than not, there is a section within the application form for activities and interests. Insert information that is relevant to the job and also include something that isn’t. In this section, you can make your own and stand out from the crowd.


References are an essential part of any application form. Remember to ask your referees before you put their name down on the form!  

Personal Statement

These days, a personal statement section will be included on the application form. Think of it as your way to show your potential employee why they should invite you to interview and why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Show by writing about examples where your skills have been used and how you meet the essential criteria for the role.

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