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Ace Your First Interview: From Style to Winning Strategy

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Your student days have come to a close. Gone are the weekday lie-ins, countless themed parties, casual strolls to the university in comfy joggers, and extended breaks. Now, it’s time to channel those late-night library sessions into launching your professional career.

Securing a job immediately after university is challenging, especially when competing with numerous other graduates. However, with the right interview strategies, you can excel in your first job interview and find yourself employed in no time.

Get Prepared

Be prepared. Thoroughly research the company before your interview to understand its offerings. Go beyond just skimming the “about us” section on their website. Investigate if they’ve been featured in recent news, implemented new strategies, or received any awards. Familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of the job role and showcase how your skills align. Demonstrating comprehensive knowledge about the company highlights your dedication and passion for the role.

Getting a job straight after university can be difficult and competing with the other thousands of graduates can seem rather daunting. But, with the right interview tips, you’ll ace your first job interview and before you know it, you’ll be employed.Click To Tweet

Practice makes perfect. Anticipate potential questions you might face during the interview. This could be through formal job interview training or simply rehearsing with family and friends. Being well-prepared can prevent moments of panic or embarrassment from unexpected questions, allowing you to remain confident. When brainstorming possible inquiries, consider common ones like, “What are some of your weaknesses?” Always approach such questions with a positive twist to ensure your suitability for the role remains unquestioned.

At the conclusion of an interview, employers typically inquire if you have any questions. Many graduates miss this chance by simply responding with “no”. Seize this moment to express your genuine interest in the role. Consider asking, “What do you appreciate most about this company?” or “What would a typical day in this position entail?”

Be on time

Arriving punctually for your interview is crucial. Being late can instantly signal poor time management to interviewers, potentially jeopardizing your chances. Plan your journey in advance: know the location, the route, and the required travel time. If you’re relying on public transport, which might be unpredictable, ensure you have a contact number to inform the interviewers of any unforeseen delays, keeping them in the loop about your circumstances.

Looking the part

Dress the Part. While universities may have allowed casual attire like joggers and hoodies, the professional world demands a different standard. Prioritize a polished and professional appearance; after all, first impressions are lasting. Invest time in selecting an appropriate interview ensemble, tailored to the industry. For creative positions, employers may appreciate a touch of flair in your attire. In contrast, corporate roles typically favor classic workwear like suits or smart dresses. Dressing appropriately not only boosts your confidence but also enhances your prospects.

Prioritize Rest and Well-being. It’s essential to approach your interview feeling and looking refreshed. By ensuring a good night’s sleep, you’ll appear alert and vibrant rather than showing signs of fatigue. No one wants to be caught yawning mid-conversation. A well-rested mind is also more adept at handling those challenging interview questions, projecting confidence and readiness.


Walk into the interview with confidence. Believe in yourself that you have all the skills required for the job as the last thing an employee wants is someone that questions themselves and already doesn’t think they are good enough for the job. At the same time, you don’t want to come across as a “know it all”, so make sure you get the balance right.

Have a smile on your face. If you approach the interview with a smile on your face, the employers will immediately know that you are enthusiastic about the job and actually want to be there. At the end of the day, these people are going to be working with you, so show off the positive attributes of your personality.

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