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How Portfolio Website Can Help Your Career

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Do you want to kick-start your creative career? Then all you need is a portfolio website. Your portfolio is the space where you can express yourself, get your work seen, and amaze your employers.

However, making portfolio websites can be challenging. But don’t worry. You need to get some inspiration from examples of the best portfolio websites. Just ask yourself the following:

  •       Where should you begin?
  •       Which of your work do you want to include?

Also, let’s not forget the coding and design that goes into making a portfolio website.

With that bit done, let’s see how portfolio websites can help you get more career opportunities.

1.   Be Seen

People in the industry need to see the work you have done in the past. They need to get inspired by it. If you don’t display your work, then nobody can see your creativity or ideas. More importantly, you need to show potential employers and clients your capabilities.

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2.   Be Heard

In addition to displaying your work on the portfolio website, it helps you keep up with the industry. Putting your thoughts and ideas about the trends in the industry in the blog is an excellent way to stay current. And it proves that you are an innovator and can provide solutions to complex problems. That’s something that can help you gain attraction in your career.

3.   Innovate

By jotting down your ideas on your portfolio website, you document them for retrieval in the future. It can come in handy for you or someone else looking to get inspired or want relevant information.

It also helps you retrieve ideas that can help you in your future projects. It can provide you that push to stretch yourself now that people have eyes on you. You need to continue to add more valuable insights to it. Your ideas and projects become extremely powerful as they become visible to people and force them to think about it. Innovation is the key to career development.

4.   Protect Yourself

The current job market is a tricky maneuver. The concept of a lifetime job does not exist. So you should prepare yourself for that. It might feel that you are on top of your game at your job and are doing well. But you never know when things might take a downhill turn.  

You can display some of your hard work from that organization on your portfolio website. You just have to take permission from your employer. It will help you in the future and will also help you secure better job positions in the future. 

Just like it’s essential to keep your resume updated, you should also maintain your portfolio website. Because it shows your accomplishments rather than telling. Take out a few hours in a month to edit and organize a project that you can show on your portfolio website. It won’t take long, and it creates security for your career. If you don’t have any work history, you can start documenting your work beliefs and ideas.

5.   Learn

learning and can help you reflect on that. 

In addition to this, your blog will make your learnings more searchable. You don’t have to rely on your memory or keep hoping you learned enough in one go. It only takes a few minutes to document your learnings and will help you in your career.

6.   Evolve

You will be able to grow your career if you become a reflective and active learner. Your knowledge and ideas are things that evolve. These things don’t pause. In addition to this, your habits and opinions are also changing. If you start documenting your work, you will see how you have evolved, and you will know where you have to reach in your career.

7.   Build Credibility

You have to make your mark in the industry and become a known personality. The more people recognize your work and thoughts, the more willing they will be to trust you. Therefore it is essential to build credibility in the industry.

People always trust those who show they have made something or done something. Instead of someone who says that they have done something. 

People also trust those who have written broadly and shown that they are familiar with a topic. So, build credibility and trust through your portfolio website. Then, you don’t have to convince your employers that much. Your portfolio website will speak for you.

8.   Build Following

Wouldn’t it be amazing if one of your blog readers hired you for your dream job? Sounds impressive, right? It can happen if you put your ideas out there for people to see.

Consequently, more people will sign up to see and read your blog. They will anxiously wait for your ideas and posts to see what you will do next.

An added advantage of having a portfolio website is that your viewers will vouch for your skills. It will get easier to show your potential employers how serious you are about your work and how you can make some real change in their company.

9.   Create Community

Creating a community might seem like you are building your following. But it varies how you make discussions between you and your followers. Your followers no longer remain passive consumers of your work. Instead, they become active contributors. How?

They share, comment, and discuss your school of thought on social media. It helps you evolve your thinking and put the theory “two minds are better than one” in action. So leverage that. It will enhance your career opportunities if you have active followers.

10.  Market Your Skills

A portfolio website provides you a platform that you can own and control. You can pick exactly how you want others to see you. So, put your best work forward and make a portfolio website full of your winning projects. You should not have an excuse for not displaying your best work. You need to own your skills. Your company might own one project, but they can’t own your skills. Use those skills to make demos just for your portfolio website.

So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your portfolio website today. It will help move past your limits in your career.

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