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How Backlinks Help Your Website’s SEO

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If you’ve spent any time in the digital universe, you’ve come to hear the term “SEO, including backlinks. Here’s how to buy backlinks cheap.

But first, do you understand the need for SEO? The key to helping your content connect with the audience is first getting search engines such as Google to notice it. These services scour websites — sometimes this action is referred to as “crawling” or “indexing” – to determine which content should be ranked highest in search results. Among the items that can improve an article’s ranking are its main title, the use of keywords, linkable assets (such as PDFs), and backlinks.

If this term is new to you, don’t fret — they’ve been around from the start, but their purpose can seem a little unclear at first. Basically, a backlink is a link from a page on one website to another. More importantly, a backlink is when another site links to your website.

Basically, search engines consider a backlink to be an endorsement of sorts for your content. Another website has deemed your content important and authoritative enough to direct its audience to your site. This popularity will help your content’s search ranking considerably.

The key to helping your content connect with the audience is first getting search engines such as Google to notice it.Click To Tweet

Ideally, the goal is to get content to show up on the first page of a search engine’s result. Why? The vast majority of organic traffic goes to the links on that first page of search results.

This is the challenge, right? You want more backlinks, but perhaps you don’t know where to start. There are three basic ways to create a backlink: earn one, create one, or buy backlinks cheap.

Earning one: If you create truly useful content, other sites will want to link to it. You can share your content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and hope it gets noticed. This won’t be an overnight project, so if you’re eager to get backlinks quicker, consider the other two options first.

Create one: Manually add links to your content to other websites. Business directories, professional association websites and even forums are useful for this. Again, the challenge here is that search engines such as Google value backlinks from the most reputable websites. Getting a backlink in a source such as The Wall Street Journal or Forbes is much more valuable than a listing on your local town’s website.

Buy one: Partnering with a link-building service helps avoid any adverse stigma from taking this shortcut. A professional service can offer access to hundreds of thousands of blogs and online publications covering any conceivable niche and topic. They will have already established trusted relations with these websites and can quickly establish backlinks at an affordable cost.

The familiar saying “You get what you pay for” is incredibly true in the case of buying backlinks. A good SEO firm will not want to create “spammy” backlinks on sites that won’t help your search rankings.

If this entire strategy seems fishy, consider the consequences of ignoring backlinks. According to recent studies:

  • On the first page of search results, the first five results account for almost 70 percent of all clicks.
  • The quality of the content and the backlinks are among the top considerations used by Google for search rankings.
  • Despite that clear signal from Google, more than 55 percent of web pages don’t have a single backlink to claim.
  • With the rise of vocal web searches through smart devices such as Alexa, Google, and Siri, search rankings will be critical. If you don’t have a smart device yet, you’ll be left in the dark. It’s projected that 55 percent of American households will use a speaking device by 2022.

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