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The Surprising Reasons Why People Hate Their Jobs

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Today is just another day at the office. You’re sitting down at your desk, silently trying to read through a pile of emails that arrived between the moment you left work yesterday and the moment you arrived today while ignoring your colleagues gossiping behind your back. You wish you could wear headphones to cut their voices out, but you know that it would appear rude. You need to be able to concentrate in peace to finish the report you’ve promised your boss.

However, you soon discover that today will not be the day you finish the report because you have several last-minute meeting invitations in your inbox. You sigh. It looks like you’ll have to stay up late to finish everything you need to do. You shrug and sip nervously out of the mug you brought from the work kitchen a little while ago. Coffee. Unfortunately, it’s not warm anymore as you spent a little longer going through your emails than you thought you would.

The “I hate my job” moment is far banaler than you think. Prevailing business management mistakes lead to this rather common feeling.

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Like every morning, you feel the urge of running away growing in you. It’s a slow but powerful evolution. You watch the feeling grow until it fills your mind entirely. You feel it pulsating in your veins, beating a constant melody in your mind, hugging you in the cold embrace of certainty. Yes, you know it for sure, now: You hate your job. - Home of most advanced job coach

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If you recognize yourself in this portrait, please be assured that no clairvoyance skills were involved in painting this realistic description. It was a memory portrait. indeed, most employees have at least once in a lifetime been stuck in a work situation that didn’t suit them. The “I hate my job” moment is far banaler than you think. Prevailing business management mistakes lead to this rather common feeling.

9 to 5 jobs

The 9-5 routine doesn’t suit your lifestyle

In a world that emphasizes the importance of 24/7 services and information through a strong online presence, the idea of working 9-5 shifts appears extremely incongruous, if not outdated. However, too many businesses continue to value the 9-5 working hours and refuse to leave room for new possibilities. As a result, modern employees become frustrated by the lack of flexibility. Fixed hours is an archaic idea that doesn’t let employees establish a healthy work/life balance. Because employees in 9 to 5 jobs are prone to overtime work, long commutes, and productivity issues, it’s easy to see why you would hold a grudge against your job for the work/life imbalance it creates. Why should you be denied the flexibility of working when it suits you while customers can pass an order online at any time of the time or night?

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You don’t earn enough

On average most employees work up to 10 additional hours on top of their working hours during the week. By the end of the month, it’s an entire extra week of work you’ve provided. You might find it normal, at first, to oblige and stay a little longer to finish a specific task. In fact, there are even job descriptions that mention the motivation to go above and beyond expectations to meet your goals. Others talk about work hard mindset. Ultimately, when even job descriptions refer to overtime work as a natural reliance on the role, employees tend to forget that they might be working the extra time for free. If you find yourself in a situation where overtime is expected but not paid, you need to find a wage theft lawyer to protect your rights. indeed, every year companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid labor.

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Your boss is a bad manager

More often than not, a bad boss can push even your best employees to quit. can’t rely on a manager for guidance, it’s often easier to look elsewhere than to try to sort out the situation. What are the typical managerial mistakes that make you hate your job? First of all, there’s the case of the tyrannic boss who exercises their power unreasonably. There’s also the manager who likes to deal with employees like a headmaster with young pupils: It’s the kind of intimidating boss who calls you into their office out of the blue without explanation and enjoys watching you squirm nervously. Bad bosses are the death of businesses.

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There’s no room for self-growth

When every day feels the same, some employees might find it satisfying. But ultimately, the ability to learn new skills is an essential part of your professional motivation. If the job doesn’t give you an opportunity for self-development or even to prove your worth, it reduces your chances of getting a promotion. Who would want to spend years doing the same thing over and over again with no chance of growing your responsibilities or your competencies? A job in which you can’t learn anything new is a frustrating role that you are not willing to commit to.


There is too much competitiveness in the team

Internal politics and gossiping can transform a great team into a nightmare. Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid being a target for colleagues who want to make you look bad, in an attempt to promote their own worth. But being aware of what is happening can help you to avoid painful experiences. Unfortunately, politics in the office beats intelligence and even professional skills. While it doesn’t excuse the competitive game that is played in the workplace, it gives a reason for it. Colleagues who are afraid for their position might be trying to get rid of any threat, and that might include you.

Looking for a way out

Eventually, there is no valid reason for keeping a job you hate, whether it’s because of the managerial style, the competitive politics games, or the lack of flexibility. You can look for alternatives, such as finding a better employer or starting in a position that takes you away from the things you dislike at the office. You can’t perform in a role you hate.

You’re not the first person to hate their job. In fact, if you’re looking for support, check the #hatemyjob thread on Twitter: Hundreds of users share your pain. Become aware of the issues in the workplace so that you can make sure to avoid them in the future.

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