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Great Gift Ideas for Colleagues and Officemates

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Navigating office gift-giving during special occasions can be stressful. Deciding on appropriate spending and suitable gifts for colleagues can pose a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Utilize these fantastic, office-approved gift ideas to ensure every professional celebration, whether it’s a boss’s retirement, Secret Santa event, or revenue milestone, receives the recognition it deserves.

For the Golfer

At some point in your life, you will encounter a boss or supervisor who loves to golf—it seems to be a strange rite of passage in the professional world. If this is true of your boss, or a colleague, some golf-related presents are sure to fit the bill. You could buy a gift certificate for a turn on the swanky golf course in town so they can go and hit some balls down the fairway, serving as the perfect way to help them eliminate the stress of the workweek. If you are looking for an inexpensive present, consider some hilarious golf socks that they’ll get a kick out of. Any golf lover will appreciate your golf-themed gift, and you can find a range of items in this arena, including accessories like a stylish golf bag, that won’t break the bank.

When special occasions arise in the office, giving gifts can be a source of stress. Questions of what’s appropriate to spend and give to certain members of your work team can be tough to answer, but it needn’t be stressful. Click To Tweet

Group Presents

A group presentation is the best option if you’re looking for gifts for a large portion of the office. This might mean catering a gourmet meal at the office or taking everyone out to eat. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, consider buying movie tickets in bulk, and then putting together a movie night basket for each employee and their significant other/family. Still unsure? Think outside the box and sign up the office for a fun camaraderie-boosting day of exciting fun! Websites like curate a collection of local adventures, including hot air balloon rides, white water rafting trips, and more. If you’ve got an employee roster filled with daredevils, this is sure to be a big hit when revealed.

Office Décor

We spend the majority of our weeks in our offices, so office décor is never a bad present idea when it comes to colleagues, superiors, or employees. Office décor also serves a practical purpose; first impressions are everything in business, and if you often field clients in-house, it’s important to pay attention to office aesthetics. If you’re looking for art to liven up a colleague’s bland wall, consider purchasing an inexpensive print from Society6. There are styles of all types, and if you’re unsure if they’re into abstract art or tend to lean towards the impressionistic, the site also offers gift cards that you can quickly download and hand over—perfect for any last-minute gift needs.

Combating “Office Back”

If you haven’t heard, our office jobs may be leading us to an early death. Scary, I know, but what’s to be expected when we spend more than 40 hours a week hunched over at our desks? It’s easy to forget about maintaining proper posture when we’ve got a deadline to hit, and the ache in your back at the end of a long work week is cause for concern. The best way to combat the negative effects of sitting all day? Making it possible to stand and work at the same time. Numerous companies offer a variety of movable desks that will take employees from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds.

One company called VariDesk offers desk conversion units that can be used on top of an existing desk. This is a gift that can grant your employee or colleague better health, which is something we all deserve. Don’t have the money to shell out for an entirely new desk? Consider purchasing your employees an ergonomic desk chair to help perfect posture during the day and make sure they have the lumbar support needed for optimal comfort during long hours at the office.

Finding appropriate office gifts has never been easier. No matter your budget, this list is sure to help you find something perfect for your boss, favorite colleague, or stellar employee. You can also check for tips on how to wrap your gifts.

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