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You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.  What you’ll discover will be wonderful.  What you’ll discover is yourself.” – Alan Alda

The days of going directly to companies HR departments with printed resumes or posting them via snail mail are history now. With internet job search in full swing, things have changed to a great extent. You can find jobs online, build a good rapport and network with employers, give interviews on the web and find  potential people who can recruit you. The rules to finding jobs via the internet keep changing, things which worked previously now are considered to be obsolete and there are no fixed rules for the new world of the online job hunt. The following tips will help you understand the current trend of job hunting.

Make your presence visible over the Internet:

There is something called “sourcing” in the hiring world (finding candidates by networking, advertising or other methods).  More than 80 percent of recruiters  “source” potential candidates on via business social networks (like linkedin). To benefit from this, you need to ensure you are searchable over the internet by having a good profile page on social networking sites. Your profile page will help you market yourself and your skill set to potential job opportunities. You can do a similar process by having your own blog or website to achieve the kind of result. Having a profile page at linkedin is not enough; you need to promote yourself using the best keywords and key phrases related to your subject expertise. For this you need to put yourself in your prospective employer’s shoes, understand the way he would search for someone with your experience. Hence make sure you put those words on your profile and get the best search result from employers or recruiters.

The social media factor:

The ever increasing popularity of social media has changed everything including the job hunt market to a great extent. With the help of social media you can connect and reconnect with your old colleagues, clients and  friends who can help you find potential employers and eventually a desired job. If this does not work for you, you have countless other ways to reach potential employers. One of the best ways is to become a member of online groups from your industry (or profession) and a potential employer. By conducting some research on maximizing sites such as linkedin, you can fast track your job search experience. Just explore social networks in an effective way.  Social networks have made the work of both  job seekers and employers easy, make them work for you.

Do not expect your potential group to always respond:

This is certainly a tough rule to know. You cannot expect potential employers to respond; they may or may not reply to your email, online application or voice-mail. However, if there is a good match, you will certainly hear back. If you are not getting any responses, you may try to follow up, however, don’t expect a positive result.

Getting or finding jobs today comes with set of different rules than the ones that existed even just a few years ago. Gone are the days when people used to get jobs by sending or delivering printed resumes. With the Internet you have certainly new rules to follow. Try using the above tips to help you find your prospective employers (or help them find you). This is a new mantra in the world of online job search. job search is a fast changing process, and you will need to change accordingly if you hope to survive in this tough “job hunt” world. indeed your ability to adapt and change will help you find your dream job.

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