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Socially speaking, a job in social networking is quickly becoming a viable career option for digitally savvy job-seekers the world over. From its marketing and customer service benefits to its undeniable popularity, social media is a must for businesses nowadays, which means its career potential is sky-high.

Here are just a few reasons why a career in social media provides job stability for the foreseeable future:

Social Statistics

The proof is in the digital pudding, which is exactly where social media statistics come into play. In terms of the need for social media marketing and a social presence, the following statistics prove that there is a never-ending need for social media gurus in the business world:

  • Networking Time Well Spent – According to the statistical analysis site Experian, nearly 27% of time spent on the Internet is spent on social media sites. That’s a massive market for businesses looking for a little customer outreach.
  • Online Purchasing Power – According to the Nielsen web ratings, approximately 46% of customers who make online purchases depend on social media when it comes to purchasing decisions.
  • Marketing Mania – When it comes to social careers specifically, take a look at The State of Marketing report.

With numbers like these, it’s no surprise careers in social media are growing by digital leaps and bounds. As promised, here are some reasons why the social job market is here to stay:

Social Media Isn’t Going Anywhere

Socially speaking, a job in social networking is quickly becoming a viable career option for digitally savvy job-seekers the world over.Click To Tweet

Just because social media grew rapidly in the past decade doesn’t mean it’s going to fizzle out any time soon. Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become a way of life and like many advances in social technology; people simply can’t live without them.

Whether it’s connecting with friends and family or checking out brands and businesses, social media provides an ongoing connection to the world. This connection isn’t likely to go away, but rather expand and improve as time goes on.

Social Landscape is Always Changing

As mentioned before, social media is always expanding and improving, which is another way of saying it’s always changing.

Social media avenues that aren’t available today will be there tomorrow and social staples that are ever-present now will grow to meet the demands of the future. This social change not only means a career in social media will likely never get old, it also means there will always be a market for more media marketers, engineers, and visionaries. With a change like this, the social landscape is a promising one.

Social Networking Provides Job Options

There will always be a need for social media no matter which way sites are trending.

Because of this, whether it’s a freelance career or a marketing position in a large company, social media provides job options. From marketing to creating blog content to building a company’s digital presence, social media and the jobs that go along with it are expanding by the second.

From the undeniable stats to the job stability, it’s easy to see that a career in social media is a solid choice.

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