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Get a Real Estate License With These 6 Easy-to-Follow Steps

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If you are someone that enjoys design and architecture, you may also be someone that is considering a profession or career in real estate. There are a few things to note, and anyone who practices must get their license. However, you may not know where to begin. Here are a few easy to follow steps to guide you through the process of how to get your real estate license.

Research Requirements And Meet Standards

Most states and cities in various countries have a set of requirements that must be met in order for you to properly obtain your real estate license and they may have varying demands. These will vary in terms of factors like age, fees, education levels, exams, and background checks. You have to be able to meet the requirements that are demanded by your city or state that you are applying to get your license in and practice. If you fail to reach any of the requirements, you will be unable to proceed. Once you have done the research, take the time to ensure that you have met the requirements prior to moving forward, as you will inevitably save yourself and others time in the process. 

Additionally, consider the need for a brokerage. Before attaining your full license, you need to affiliate yourself with a brokerage. Depending on your location you may be required to find a brokerage prior to some of the steps in the application process, from applying for the license to taking the exam. It is important that you understand this to save yourself time during the application and licensing process, so investigate your requirements to know when you have to accomplish this.

Pre Licensing Education

Once you understand the demands that will be required for you to meet in order to get your license, you need to fulfill the educational requirements, which would constitute a certain number of hours spent learning different real estate courses. Most courses are offered at traditional educational institutes such as universities and colleges, while there are many other online options, however, they must be approved by your city or state for certification. These courses will demand a certain number of hours associated with each class in order to properly teach you about the specific branches and factors involved in real estate.

File For License Application

Once you have fulfilled the educational requirements for your license and have passed your courses, you will apply for the license itself. The information you provide here will be basic information such as your name and social security number. You will provide the completion certificates that are associated with your education and then will also answer some questions regarding your background and history as it ties with real estate. It is crucial, to be honest, and transparent about these matters.

Background Check

A background check will need to be done as part of the licensing process. Many careers and jobs will do such history checks, but even if you have previously done one, this will often still be required regardless of your history. Your career and potential criminal history may be used to evaluate your qualifications for the job.

If you are someone that enjoys design and architecture, you may also be someone that is considering a profession or career in real estate. There are a few things to note, and anyone who practices must get their license. Click To Tweet

Pass Your Licensing Exam

The major step in obtaining your real estate license is to pass the licensing exam. The questions, according to, will cover both general subject matter, as well as more specific topics that are related to a region, depending on where you are from and taking the exam, as well as where you intend to practice. If you pass, you are free to progress, whereas the inability to meet the score standards and failure will require you to retake the exams. Depending on the amount of time that has passed since you last took the exam and are choosing to retake it, you may skip having to take courses and classes again.

Completion of Application

Once you have completed your application, passed your exams, and it has been approved, you will have to be reviewed by your city or state to fully certify your license. While you wait, you should be connecting with other professionals, networking with companies and agents, and setting yourself up to practice, whether that means establishing your own office and establishing your business. Keep in mind that if you are still awaiting approval, you may have to taper what you are doing so as to not get too far ahead of yourself. 

Once you have your approval and your full license to practice in real estate, you should be good to go. Remember that you will have to renew your certifications from time to time, so make sure to keep up with all the important dates. Be prepared and do your research and the process should be easy to get through quickly.

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