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Job search can be a long and challenging process, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you’ve not had any success in your job search then maybe it’s time to change your approach. Number one on the list is getting organized, creating a plan and setting your plan in motion. One of the keys to success is to set goals that are realistic and tasks that can be reasonably accomplished.

A successful job search is all about getting organized, creating a plan and setting your plan in motion. Set goals that are realistic and tasks that can be reasonably accomplished.

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Just like any other challenge, you also need the right “gear” for a successful job search. You should know that a successful job search doesn’t necessarily start with a killer resume (although a killer resume is important). A successful job search starts with the right planning and is supported by the right job search “gear”.

Make a Plan

It may sound like overkill but it’ not. Having a job search plan will keep you focused and help you achieve your goal more quickly. Speaking of goals, that is a good place to start.


Using the list of companies you made while making your plan, research the companies where you would like to work. What type of research?

What You Will Need

Okay, you are ready to find your job, but do you have everything you need?  Not sure that you have everything, take a look at the following links.

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Resume Paper

Here are our favorites

Type of Resume PaperWeightColorDescription Review
Cotton Resume Paper24lbsIvoryThis stationery has a rich texture and distinctive crispness that set it apart from ordinary printer paper or copy paper. Endorsed by the National Résumé Writer’s Association"I used this paper for my resume at a college career fair, and I'd say that it impressed especially considering that most college kids were printing their resumes on normal printer paper."
Linen Resume paper32lbsIvoryThis stationery has a rich linen paper texture and distinctive crispness that set it apart from ordinary printer paper or copy paper. "This is an amazing textured resume! It's a very light cream color. Not too thick or too thin (not transparent). Ink adheres fine and it looks and feels great with the linen texture.
Cotton Business Paper32lbsIvoryUsing this 25% Cotton Linen Business Paper, in creamy linen ivory, means you’re on your way to making a lasting impression. To be honest I never imagined I would get this excited over paper. I was just looking for some good quality papers for formal matters, and these are some very beautiful sheets I’ve stumbled upon here on Amazon
Business Cotton24lbsWhiteThis premium 24 lb. paper is great for proposals, resumes and reports or for any document where quality matter."This paper really is great. It has a very nice weight to it and is extremely professional looking. I found that it was just enough to be nicer than normal paper, but not so fancy as to be off putting. I do recommend it."
Parchment Specialty Paper24lbsGreyThis quality textured paper is free of acid and lignin, so your documents can stand the test of time and stand out with the distinguished, distinctive look of parchment."I love this brand of parchment paper for creating certificates, it's great quality, prints well, the price is better than what you pay in a retail store and because I buy in bulk, they last a long time!"
Cream Linen Paper28lbsCreamThis letterhead paper is made from a 28b bond Cream linen textured paper stock. ream Linen Paper & Envelopes combo pack makes it easy & simple to create professional resumes."A very nice stationery set -- no frills (which is what I wanted). The color and texture of the paper are elegant. "

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You need to select your resources for each “mode” of search. This includes your network, recruiters, job search sites and any other leads you may have. You should be selective, but each category should be representative of your search. You will also need to split your time (see the next topic) and spread your search across all of your resources.

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Schedule Your Time

Whether you currently have a job or are out of work, job search is very time-consuming. You need to schedule the time to conduct your search and balance against your other time constraints. My rule of thumb is “one per day” as in, one recruiter, one person in your network, one company and one job search site. If you follow this, you will have contacted or leveraged at least 7 different resources by the end of each week (and they start to add up!).

What's next?

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