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Five Things You Can Teach Yourself Online Today

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If you were to ask any successful business person whether they could still improve some aspect of their professional life, they would likely tell you that they could. The reality is that while there are lots of people who are great at lots of things, no one is perfect at all of them. For instance, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, still feels as if he should be actually be coding the website that made him a billionaire. His personal challenge for 2012 was to code every day. He also started a book club a few years ago and has recently been touring the United States which has prompted some to believe that he intends to run for political office one day. Whatever his future ambitions, the fact remains that despite his immense success, he is still trying to improve things about him and his company so that he can continue to be successful. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you too should be just as concerned about the possibilities of self-improvement. A lot is often said, especially when you are young, about how you should embrace all sorts of different opportunities so that you can put them on your cv. This may suggest that altruism has been corrupted by capitalism until it has become a conceit designed to make a person more valuable, but it works. Here are a few things that you can teach yourself so that you seem like a more appealing candidate to prospective employers:

  1. The world of business is becoming more and more connected, and Marshall McLuhan’s conception of the global village is becoming a reality. Being polylingual is, therefore, a great skill to have that can set you apart. Some languages may be more valuable than others, with lots of people studying Mandarin in anticipation of China’s economy becoming the most valuable in the world. However, teaching yourself any language demonstrates that you can concentrate, have a good memory, and have self-discipline. Besides, you can do it for free online on sites such as Duolingo.

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  1. Another great thing that you can do on the internet today is a degree. It is usually a cheaper option than the more traditional route of going to a campus every day and listening to professors in person. Whatever subject interests you, whether it is a masters in accounting and finance by distance learning or a bachelors in fine art, you can now do it from home.


  1. However, you do not have to do an actual degree in order to study at some of the finest universities in the world. OpenCulture has collated over 1200 online courses from schools such as Yale and Harvard, and all of them are free.

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  1. If music is more your thing, you can teach yourself how to play just about any instrument that you’d like. There are hundreds of thousands of hours of video tutorials on sites like Youtube. Before long, you will be teaching courses yourself and making money too.
  1. Maybe you just want to make some money. Well, the internet has got you covered there too. Investopedia offers a free academy which will teach you everything you want to know about trading stocks on the market.

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