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Finding The Right Court Reporting Agency

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If you’re an attorney – whether you’re an independent attorney or work for a large firm – outsourcing your court reporting needs to an agency is ideal. As the legal process is tedious and requires organization, attention to detail, and accuracy, having a team of experts to record everything that happens before and during the trial is a must. An experienced court reporter can help you with depositions, arbitrations, and litigations to ensure that you give your clients a fighting chance in or out of the courtroom. 

Because court reporters play a significant role throughout the legal process, you must ensure that you opt to work with an agency that encompasses qualities and services like those listed below. 


The legal process can change from one city to the next. Therefore, attorneys should outsource their reporting needs to a local agency. If you’re in Atlanta, Georgia, for example, hiring an agency with Atlanta court reporters ensures that you’re working with experts that are familiar with the legal processes based on locality. The same goes for Boston, Massachusetts, or Los Angeles, California. Location is also essential if you plan to use in-person services. You want a firm that’s easily accessible for you, your clients, and any witnesses. 

Quality Services

Professionalism is the operative word when searching for court reporters. They should offer various services, multiple resources for support, communicate effectively, and provide services in a timely fashion. You want an agency with a positive reputation and rapport with its clients. You can determine how professional a court reporter is by evaluating online reviews. Check review sites and social media pages to see what others have to say about their services. Although you can’t please everyone all the time, the idea is to find a firm with a higher number of positive reviews. 

Because court reporters play a significant role throughout the legal process, you must ensure that you opt to work with an agency that encompasses qualities and services like those listed below. Click To Tweet

Well-Trained Staff

When you’re trying to prepare a legal case, the last thing you want is a court reporter that’s not well-versed in their job. Ultimately, you create more work for yourself as you’ll have to spend time teaching them how to capture everything from videos and transcripts. A well-trained court reporter should know how to set up equipment, use software, and complete tasks according to your needs. They should also have a level of professionalism that enables them to work with diverse personality types and high-pressure situations. 

Accessibility And Punctuality

Attorneys are always up against the clock to meet deadlines throughout the legal process. That’s why it’s imperative to work with a court reporting agency that places accessibility and punctuality at the top of the list. They should have enough reporters on staff to accommodate your fluctuating schedule. The agency should also provide you with materials in a timely fashion to avoid causing conflict as you plan and fight your client’s case in court. 

Discretion And Security

Any information disclosed in a legal case is considered confidential. Should this information get lost, destroyed, or in the wrong hands, it could prove detrimental to the outcome of your case. Therefore, you’re encouraged to find a discrete court reporter with the necessary technology to keep your data safe. As you narrow down your options, ask what processes and platforms they use to ensure that legal information remains secure. 

State-Of-The-Art Technology

If your court reporter pulls out a typewriter and a VHS video recorder, you’re in trouble. Although these technologies may have been used years ago to record transcripts and depositions, that’s not the case anymore. Advanced technologies assist court reporters in performing their jobs more efficiently. Therefore, don’t forget to inquire about the types of technologies used at a particular agency. 

Whether you’re trying to help a client avoid eviction, beat a misdemeanor, or fight a corporation in a class action case, you need a qualified court reporter on staff to assist you throughout the legal process. The right firm for the job should have years of experience, a positive reputation, a local presence, well-trained staff, and possess the necessary technologies to keep your data secure and perform accurately. By keeping the above factors in mind as you search, you’re sure to find a team of court reporters to make your job as an attorney easier.

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