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How To Fall In Love With Your Career All Over Again

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We’ve all been there. The feeling that you’ve lost interest. The spark going out of things. The routine feeling over-familiar and dull. But it’s not a broken relationship with a partner. It’s losing your lust for your career, and it happens to all of us from time to time.

Our working lives are long, and maintaining the same level of bright-eyed enthusiasm we had for our profession when we first entered it can sometimes be a challenge. Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut at work. Perhaps you’ve forgotten what you used to love about your job. Maybe you’re just in need of a break.

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Whatever it is, you don’t have to consider retraining and trying something completely new. You can easily discover what made you want to get into your career again and reignite your interest in the profession you once fell in love with. Here’s how:

Network With Others

There’s nothing that leaves you feeling networking events or sector conferences. Ones with the right speakers are likely to fire you up with the latest developments, market trends and insider knowledge to make you feel at the cutting edge of things again and by reminding you of what new challenges lie ahead for your industry.

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They are also a great chance to meet other people operating in the same field. Ask them why they first got into your shared profession and what continues to inspire them to this day. It will either give you a fresh perspective or remind you of your own reasons for getting into it. Either way, you’ll remember why it’s the choice for you.


Find That Balance

At times when work is manic, it can seem like downtime is the last thing you can indulge in. But if you don’t recognize the importance of that balance, you can soon get burnt out. All the basics such as fuelling your body with healthy home cooking, staying hydrated, getting some exercise and ensuring that you have a restful night’s sleep are all essential for feeling ready for the challenges of work the next day.

Similarly, making time for leisure interests and socializing is also hugely important. It will recharge your batteries, make you happier and more motivated at work, and free up some headspace for creativity and problem-solving. Having broader interests can also give you a valuable secondary perspective that can add so much to your working life. Learn to see time off as an investment in yourself, not a work-shy luxury.

Pitch Yourself Your Own Job

Sometimes, rediscovering why you love something can be simple. Imagine that you were applying for your own job today. Why do you want it? What factors motivate you? What interests you about it? Now imagine you are ‘selling’ the role to a new recruit. What are the good things about your profession? Why should they want to work there? Remember how you looked enviously at those who had already achieved it.


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Remember the thrill of passing that final exam or donning those Chef Coats, nursing uniform or suit for the first time. Take a look back at the original role profile, if you still have it- pick out the bits you felt strongly about. Your love for your job may be buried deep but it’s in there somewhere!

Give Back To Your Profession

Chances are, you’ve been in your sector for a while and will have accumulated a lot of skills, expertise, and contacts that you could use positively to provide mentoring. Offering a helping hand feels good- and meeting someone who is trying to break into it can remind you of why you love it.

The gratitude of your mentees will act as a reminder of what you’re grateful for as well. Becoming a mentor doesn’t have to mean a big-time sacrifice, it can just be as simple as a few friendly emails and meeting for the occasional coffee. The experience is almost certain to make you richer.

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The importance of sleeping is so underrated it’s becoming a serious issue. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35 percent of adults are not getting the recommended seven hours of sleep each night” –

Make Time to Laugh

It might sound silly, but making time to laugh at work is hugely important. Smiles and laughter release feel-good chemicals in the brain and will automatically lift your spirits. Seeing the lighter side is important, especially in pressured environments. It allows you to develop emotional resilience to draw on when things go wrong and give a sense of perspective that’s hard to capture. Getting that feel-good factor at work soon pays off!

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