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Emerging Careers In Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses in construction of buildings, roads, bridges and such. Building structures has always been one of Man’s finest achievements. From the great pyramids to the tallest building in the world today, Man’s endeavor in the science of engineering made such wonders possible. Currently, civil engineering is one of the major careers any person can acquire and one of the highest paying jobs anyone can find. Having a career in Civil engineering can be a fulfilling one, especially with the high level of demand for such engineers in the market today.

Geotechnical Engineers

One of the emerging careers for civil engineering graduates today is becoming a geotechnical engineer. This type of engineering career focuses in investigating the behavior of soil and rocks in a construction site. They determine and investigate the properties of the soil and extract information needed to efficiently design foundations and structures for roads, houses, buildings and other construction projects. This type of engineers is in demand in areas prone to earthquakes, landslides and such. Because Geotechnical engineers focus on soil behavior, projects such as offshore platform construction and maintenance tend to rely heavily on such engineers. As this career focus on investigating the properties of soil and rocks, one has a chance of landing a career with oil companies and oil prospecting firms.

Environmental Engineers

Providing and designing solutions for environmental problems such as waste disposal and proper pollution management is the responsibility of environmental engineers. The main goal of this type of engineer is to develop the system and means to better protect the environment. With the growing population, providing efficient methods to contain pollution is of main concern. In many countries today, environmental engineers are employed to ensure the distribution of safe water supply and proper treatment of sewage. These kinds of engineers are also needed in providing efficient means for disposing chemical and toxic wastes from industrial companies, such as power plants, drilling firms, chemical manufacturing companies and pharmaceuticals.

Transportation Engineers

The exponential population growth in many countries signifies also a sharp increase in transportation needs. Providing the best means for providing this necessity is the main job of transportation engineers. This involves participating in providing systems and modes of transportation that is efficient and safe. Construction of public infrastructure such as roads, bridges and railways are also among the main responsibilities in a transportation engineering career. Railway, Airport, Marine and road engineers fall under this engineering career.

Structural Engineers

A career in Structural engineering involves making sure an edifice withstand natural and man-made forces, disasters and influences that may affect its structural integrity Ensuring the safety of bridges, roads, dams and other public structures is the main responsibility of this type of engineer. Structural engineers are also responsible for testing the behavior of construction materials under different conditions. This involves providing information on how materials react and behave when subjected to pressure, cold, heat and strain. It is one of the highly sought after types of engineer today and it can be a fulfilling career for a civil engineering graduate. Opportunities abroad are also vast, especially in countries under development.

Computer knowledge: an important engineering add-on

Having adequate and considerable knowledge in computers and programs used in creating engineering designs is extremely important especially if one wants to be successful in this career. As technology increases, computer skills are becoming a major requirement of many companies when employing engineers today. It is a wise and logical move to acquire a significant knowledge and training in using computer aided designing programs. An engineering career will be significantly improved if one successfully integrates a substantial amount of computer knowledge on his or her skill set.

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William Stevens is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to technology. In this article, he describes a few careers in civil engineering and aims to encourage further study with a OU Masters in Civil Engineering.


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