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If you enjoy driving, and you enjoy making money, then how does a career on the road sound to you? Does a job behind the wheel get your motor racing? Does a livelihood spent driving around get your engine running? Well, fortunately enough there are enough roads that need driving on and enough driving seats that need filling to mean that driving careers are always there. What’s more, driving careers are readily achievable.

Before you jump into the driver’s seat, however, there are things to consider. First and foremost you have to consider what specific career road you want to take. What kind of sector would your talents be best suited to? If you are very much a people person then becoming a private driver may be for you. In this sector you could be a taxi driver, a chauffeur or even an Uber driver. In being an Uber driver you would be joining one of the biggest growing companies in the world and you would have more control over your working hours. If this sounds like the perfect driving career to you then make sure to head to and check out the questions asked in an Uber interview. By going into an interview prepared you are most definitely getting yourself ahead of the traffic.

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But if you’re not a people person then that’s okay too. There are a host of other driving careers where there are little to no customer facing roles throughout the day. One such example is the career that is commercial truck or lorry driving. If spending hours upon hours alone on the roads suits you perfectly then this career maybe should be your goal. But to achieve this goal you would have to go through training. Obtaining a CDL (commercial drivers licence) is a necessity for anybody wishing to drive vehicles that weigh more than 26,001 pounds for a living. Also, if anybody wishes to drive a lorry or truck that contains any Select Agents or Toxins then they must possess a CDL Hazmat Endorsement. But if you are sort of a people person (basically, you do like being around people, but not too close), then maybe entering the public sector and becoming a bus driver is for you. Like with becoming a commercial driver, to become a bus driver training and qualifications are needed. But unlike being a commercial vehicle driver, as a bus driver you will be driving around busy city areas throughout the day. You would be taking the same routes hour in, hour out. So if you get bored easily then make sure to give this particular sector a real think before you enter it.

Even though some of the driving jobs out there might not be as glamorous as other travelling vocations, such as being a air hostess or even a pilot, it is still travelling. Travelling throughout your working day, even if it’s just around the roads of your local area, is still travelling. If being out of the office and on the roads every day is your dream, then what’s stopping you?

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