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Ace Your Virtual Interview with These Smart Tips

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In the old days of job searching, focusing on how to ace your phone interview was the way to go. Today’s world is significantly different. In fact, nearly 90% of employers prefer virtual interviews, according to Handshake. So if you’ve got an upcoming digital interview, it’s critical that you know how to ace it. Thankfully, there are smart ways you can do so.

Smart Tips

  • Test Your Tech: Always make sure to test your camera, microphone, and internet connection at least an hour before the interview. Technical glitches can cause unnecessary stress and make a poor impression.
  • Dress Professionally: Even though you’re at home, dress as if you were going to an in-person interview. This helps you get in the right mindset and shows the interviewer that you take the opportunity seriously.
  • Choose a Clean Background: A tidy, uncluttered background allows the interviewer to focus on you, not your surroundings. Make sure the background is free from distractions and looks professional.
  • Eliminate Distractions: Silence your phone and ensure that pets, roommates, or family members won’t interrupt you during the interview. A quiet environment demonstrates your professionalism.
  • Prepare Materials: Have your resume, job description, and any other relevant materials open on your computer for easy reference. This will help you answer questions more confidently.
  • Practice Eye Contact: Looking at the camera rather than the screen creates the illusion of eye contact, making the interaction more engaging and showing that you are attentive.
  • Be Mindful of Body Language: Good posture, nodding, and natural hand gestures can convey enthusiasm and attentiveness, even through a screen.
  • Use High-Quality Audio: Using a good-quality headset or microphone can significantly improve the audio experience, making it easier for both you and the interviewer to understand each other.
  • Follow-up: Send a thank-you email after the interview to express your appreciation for the opportunity. This shows good manners and keeps you in the interviewer’s mind.
  • Prepare for Common Questions: Rehearse answers to common interview questions to ensure you articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely. The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel.

Test Out Your Gadgets And Connectivity Beforehand

The first step in a successful virtual job interview is ensuring that it can be conducted in the first place. Bad cameras and poor internet connectivity are some top mistakes a lot of applicants make, according to Swati Srivastava. So checking that your gadget and your connectivity can run high-quality live video exchanges is crucial if you want to successfully engage your intended audience. Run a diagnostic on your internet connection, and have a friend test out a video call with you on the medium the interviewer wants to use. That way, you can be assured that everything is working and you can do any tweaks before the interview.

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Prep Your Environment

The background that you use in your digital job interview can say a lot about you, according to FlexJobs. So you must prepare your environment before your interview. If there’s any clutter that can be visible to the interviewer, make sure that you clear that out beforehand. Also, make sure that you can conduct the interview in a part of your home that does not have a lot of environmental noise. It does not leave a good impression when you and your interviewer cannot hear or understand what the other is saying.

Ask Questions Before The End

If you want to leave a strong impression, asking questions at the end of the interview will do the trick, says Paul Wolfe of Indeed. The questions must be relevant to the company and the position you’re seeking, such as questions relating to what the company culture is like. You can also ask how the position you’re seeking has changed over time. Not only will it show that you are truly interested in the position, but it gives you a strong look into what you’re getting into.

“Where you are when you have your telephone interview is as important as how well you prepare. Ensure you are in a quiet location (no dogs barking or babies crying). While you may think you have a great location, do a dry run and visit the location at the same time of day as the telephone interview. This will allow you to check out everything prior to your call.” – 7 Tips for Successful Telephone Interviews

Despite the change in mediums, the endgame is still all about the impression that you leave. A positive and strong impression can give you a significant boost at being considered for the position you’re applying for. So don’t forget that understanding how a virtual interview works and what you can do to directly affect its outcome is a great way of ensuring your success.

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