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Tips for Creating a More Client-Friendly Office Space

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Anyone who provides services to the public is aware that, without continued business from clients, having a successful company is impossible. Though there are a lot of layers that go into finding and keeping clients happy, the foundation starts with a great first impression. When an existing or new customer comes to visit you, for assistance, what they see and experience during their time in your office will be a huge determining factor in whether they want to do business going forward.

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So, what message are you presently sending your clients? When they walk into your office, what will they see? If your office is currently unkempt, disorganized, and has minimal resources, it could send a message to your clients that you don’t care about your brand or them. Seeing as how that’s likely not the impression you want to give off, here are some suggestions on how to create a more client-friendly office space that says “welcome” “we’re here to help” and “we care about you”.

Appropriate Paint Colors

Choosing colors for an office may seem simple enough. However, the wrong choice in color could give off the wrong vibes. White, grey, and black, for instance, are poor choices as they can often bring about feelings of gloom. Red and yellow are power colors and can be used in moderation to inspire and brighten up a room. Colors like blue and green are thought to be better choices as they are calming and inviting.

Comfy Seating Area

As your clients come to your office and wait to be called, it is imperative that you have someplace designated for them to sit. Standing or having to sit in uncomfortable seats for even a few minutes can cause a person to become disgruntled. While you don’t have to break the bank and invest in luxury furniture for the office, the furniture you do have should be sturdy and comfortable. Look for chairs that have armrests and cushions, for instance, to provide comfort during those long (and short) waits.

Drinks and Refreshments

Try to provide your clients with something of value when they enter your office (other than the services you offer). As they’re waiting to be helped, having an office water dispenser at hand, coffee and tea, as well as light refreshments can make a lasting first impression. Being able to satisfy something as simple as a dry throat or a rumbling belly as they conduct business (without having to pay for it), is considered a bonus in their eyes.


Service providers who often have clients waiting for a while to be seen, like a doctor’s office, can benefit from having a place for them to be entertained. Whether you have books to read, magazines, pamphlets, or a television, it gives them something to do to pass the time. An added plus, if you can splurge on it, would be to create an area where children can also be entertained. A few toys, books, and games can help keep tensions down in the waiting area and aid the parents in keeping their children engaged.

When an existing or new customer comes to visit you, for assistance, what they see and experience during their time in your office will be a huge determining factor in whether they want to do business going forward.Click To Tweet

Plaques, Certifications, and Awards

You want your clients to know that you mean business. You also want them to know that you’re good at what you do. One way to accommodate both of these things would be to hang plaques, certificates, and awards on the wall. A client walking into a law office, for instance, will find comfort in seeing a law degree or honors awards framed on the wall which will help in persuading them to do business with you.


If you happen to own larger office space or building, investing in signs for the office is recommended. Signs help to break down communication barriers and reduce any frustration your clients might have. Whether it’s a welcome sign, arrows showing the way to the reception, a sign providing instructions on where to line up, or on how to fill out paperwork, it can all make a big difference in how your company is perceived.

No matter what kind of business you’re in, perception is everything. However, when your business involves regular face-to-face communication with your clients, you have to go a step further to make a good impression. If you want your clients to feel welcomed, comfortable, and persuaded to do business with you in the future, you must start by designing an office space that meets those needs. Then, seal the deal by providing outstanding service with impeccable results.

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