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How Office Design Shapes Your Company Brand

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If your company gets any client, potential client, or potential candidate traffic at all, it’s imperative your office conveys the message you want it to. Imagine a potential client who comes into your office and sees an unkempt setting. Do you think they are going to plunk down a bunch of money with your company? Absolutely not. Here’s how your office decor affects your company brand, and what you can do about it.

The First Impression Is Everything

You’ve already landed the job of your dreams. Now, however, you need to make sure your company succeeds. Just as with people, your office has the ability to give first impressions and, if that’s a negative one, you’re already in need of a leg up in portraying a positive company brand.

If you have a front desk with a receptionist, make sure he or she always keeps the area neat. Have your company’s logo clearly presented, and keep any décor sleek and minimal. Grab designer modern decor from a site like to avoid clutter and create a sense of refinement at first glance.

Serving beverages in the waiting area is a super nice touch. Consider a cooler with sodas and water. Snacks also go a long way to making an impression. By the time they walk into their meeting or interview, your candidates will already be sold on your company, and we really mean that.

Totally Technology

A lot of the hot careers right now are in technology, so you don’t want potential candidates and/or clients to walk around your office and see you using old computers, printers, etc. We know these things are expensive but trust us when we tell you that investing in this latest technology will pay off tenfold in reflecting a positive company brand.

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Reflect Your Personality

Make sure your furniture reflects your company persona. Big, fluffy chairs in the waiting area tell people you have a laid-back culture, while sleek, white furniture might convey a more modern personality. Make sure the artwork on the walls matches this as well.

Consider mixing in some accolades from your company, such as any awards you’ve received or a digital sign that reflects your company’s recent profits. Of course, you only want to do this if you’ve been doing well as of late!

Sometimes things like pool tables and office ping-pong tables might seem a little cliché but, hey, if employees use these items when they’re feeling stressed or overworked, the more power to you. They certainly tell those who enter the office that you don’t take yourselves too seriously.

Home Sweet Office

People who work full time in the office setting spend a good amount of their lives at work, so you want this place to feel as homey as possible while still promoting productivity. Consider investing in a high-quality music system for the office to keep up morale.

Of course, everyone has different abilities to focus with distractions, so check in with employees on music and sound level, etc.

Many employees don’t want to take the time to go out to eat every day, as they don’t want to spend the money or the time away from their work. Because of this, you should try and make the kitchen as nice as possible. Make sure this area is always clean, even if that means you need to make a schedule to have employees pitch in to keep it neat.

This will also reflect a company brand that is all about cooperation, which is never a bad thing. If you have the budget, consider bringing lunch in for your employees once a week, as this will go a long way to show your appreciation. If not, though, a monthly potluck is still a fun way to break up the workday.

Either way, a bowl of fresh fruit and granola bars is an inexpensive way to show you care and to help with concentration. Office decor can really help you portray a positive company brand. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to success.

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