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College Grad Job Search – Preparing for Graduation

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If you are one of the thousands of people who will be graduating from college this Spring, there is a very good chance that you’ve not yet started your job search. Maybe you think it is a bit too early to be job searching (that is a big mistake). The sooner you get started on your job search the better.

We are still in one of the best job markets we’ve seen in quite some time, although it is a little challenging for recent college grads. For many college grads, the tight job market may mean taking a job that either does not require a college degree, working in a different industry/job than your degree or working a job that is just not the job you want to do the rest of your life.

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Career planning during college is very important and most colleges and universities have Career Offices to help in planning and in job search. For those of you who have not yet graduated, now is the time to start your career search.

job search Preparation while in College:

  1. Visit Your College Career Center – Your college career center is a great source of information and advice. Your college career counselor can help you create your job search plan, help you write your resume and can provide to companies that are looking to hire college grads.
  1. Create a job search Marketing Toolkit – job search is very competitive, especially for college grads.  Create a job search marketing toolkit before you graduate (see Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Overview)
  1. Internships – Working during your summer breaks will give you an edge over those who just party over the summer. It’s never too soon to start, but even one internship between your Junior and Senior years can make a very big difference. Here too your college career counselor can help, but you can also take a look at 5 Steps to a Great Internship


job search Resources for College Students and Recent Grads:

  • Monster College – This site, which is a job search site, focuses on internships and entry level jobs but also has info on resumes and career advice. The site allows posting of resumes, saved searches, cover letters, internship advice, salary advice and much more. The right hand side of the page has a search engine for finding jobs and internships. There is a “suggest a job for me” section and recent articles as well.
  • – One of the best career sites for college grads, the broad range of information available on this site would classify it as a Job Career Site which also includes job search. This site also allows search and post your resume. There is a wealth of information on this site including Preparation (explore careers, resumes, cover letters and interview prep). There are tabs near the top of the page for Top Jobs, Top Employers, Top Careers and much more. Find jobs is center page with great links and resources.
  • – College Grad – From, this is another College Student Recent Grad site. As they state at the start of the page, “A collection of the best job-search resources for new college grads“, this site focuses on college students and recent grads career and job resources. The site includes articles, searches and links to other related sites. There are quite a few additional resources (too many to list here), not the least of which is a job search engine at the top of the page. Definitely worth a look.
  • Jobseeker – Specific Career and Job Sites – Another college specific page of resources from This page offers an excellent list of resources for teenagers, college grads, college students temporary workers, executives and much more. This should definitely be on your list of “to do’s” in your job search.
  • – Students & New Grads – A company site, Apple has a career section that is dedicated to students and college grads. The site is geared to students about to graduate, new graduates and those who graduated in the last year. There is also a section on campus events. There is a “view all New Grad jobs” on the upper right hand side of the page along with an events calendar, Intern Program and even a section for Student Developers.

Career Tip of the Day: 12 Resources for College Grad Job Search- Majoring in Employment

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