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Keeping Up with a Changing Job Market: 6 Recession-Proof Jobs We All Need to Know About

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No matter what sort of occupation you want to go into, it’s only natural that you will want to feel supported and secure in your role. While we all love a booming economy, booms are inevitably followed by a recession. If you’re after a career that provides you with job security, here are six recession-proof jobs that you need to know about.

Medical Professional

There are all sorts of roles and specialties within the medical field. Whether you’re interested in becoming a registered nurse, dentist, paramedic, or even a veterinarian, all of these positions fall into this category. No matter what the state of the economy is, people and animals get sick, meaning there are always jobs within the medical world that need filling to help those in need. Before you can get started in any of the fields listed, it’s important that you have the right qualifications and credentials behind you.

If you’re after a career that provides you with job security, here are six recession-proof jobs that you need to know about.

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Counseling, Therapy, and Specialized Care

This sector is a close second to the medical care field. People value their well-being, so roles in looking after the elderly, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and substance abuse counseling are positions that you can enter into without fear of losing your job. When people are in pain and distress, they will invest in services that help them get rid of their discomfort. There are also some services that are covered by insurance, meaning that people are encouraged to use them, regardless of their financial situation.

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Law Enforcement

Whether the economy is booming or a recession has struck, there is always a crime that needs fighting. Residents and businesses want to feel safe in their communities, so if you want to help others and like the idea of a career in law enforcement, becoming a police officer can provide you with stability and security. If you’re thinking about entering into law enforcement, it’s advised that you take out a life insurance policy that can help financially protect your loved ones.

Financial Services

Money movement is crucial, which explains why financial professionals will always be in high demand. Positions such as an accountant, claims adjuster, insurance underwriter, or auditor are roles you can go into that will provide you with stability. The full list of financial service roles is varied and long, with many of the positions requiring professional certifications before getting started, such as a CFA (Chartered Financial analyst).

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Public Utility Services

When in an economic downturn, electric, sewage, recycling, and trash services will always survive and rise above it because, after all, they are crucial to maintaining public health and order. Even in a tough economy, there are many cities across the world that are required by law to conduct an annual audit of their trash service providers. If you’re interested in a public utility service role, it will take much more than a recession to keep you out of work.

Education Services

Economic booms may appear and disappear, however, investing in the future is always important. If you’re passionate about making a difference in the youth of today and inspiring them to reach their goals, you may want to consider a role in primary education, secondary education, or higher education. What’s more, a role in education can be flexible in both delivery style and location.

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When the economy is thriving, you may feel like you’re on top of the world in your job, however, when a recession hits, the last thing you will want is to worry about whether your position is safe, therefore, considering a job in any of the six fields listed can bring you peace of mind and help you stay financially secure.

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