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A career choice is something that sticks with us for life. You spend a few years in college studying it, then you might study at university, then that might lead to a job. That’s already over ten years of your life spent studying for a job that you want to do, but what if you change your mind halfway through or realise that your career choice wasn’t something that you actually liked.

For instance, let’s assume that you spent years studying computer science because you were told it would offer a lot of flexibility in job choice. So you graduate, you get a job, you’re paid well, but you simply just hate your job. This situation isn’t exactly uncommon and you’d be surprised to hear that a lot of people actually switch away from these types of jobs after rediscovering themselves.

One of the most enjoyable career choices is to do something compassionate. This is because compassionate careers usually involve helping others and giving assistance to those in need.Click To Tweet

Find what you love, not what you do best

It’s easy to tell yourself to continue slaving away at a job because you’re great at what you do. Perhaps you’re fantastic at maths and such, you have a job related to physics. Maybe you’re an amazing writer, but the idea of sitting at a desk and pumping out blog posts or fictional work day after day could sound boring to you. There are many weird and wonderful careers out there, but the key here isn’t to find something different or something that pays well. Instead, you need to find something that you enjoy and put your salary as a secondary condition. You can’t repeat something that you hate and you can’t force yourself to like a subject or task that you aren’t interested in. For options, you can try to find a reliable travel nursing agency.

The best way to find something you really enjoy is to look back at your past. Think about what made you happy. For instance, it might’ve been playing games, perhaps you loved to travel, maybe you loved animals, or you could’ve loved to build things with Lego. Whatever it is, write these down and look for career choices that are tied to the activities that made you happy when you were young.

Compassionate careers for people who want to make a difference

However, one of the most enjoyable career choices is to do something compassionate. This is because compassionate careers usually involve helping others and giving assistance to those in need. By making a difference in the world, it empowers you with a sense of purpose that goes beyond being a single cog in a gigantic machine. When you work in the office, you rarely get to speak to or meet the people that your products and services are being used by. However, in a compassionate career such as being a veterinarian, you actually get to meet your patients as well as their owners, and their thanks and smiles are usually worth way more than a raise.

So let’s take a look at a number of different careers that require compassion.


Whether you want to become someone that looks after children because their parents are busy or someone who works with children that have special needs and disabilities, you’re bound to find a calling that suits you. Childcare is satisfying because you work knowing that you’re not only helping children in their current state, but you’re also influencing their future by providing them with much-needed attention. You’ll get to teach children various things about life or about their school work, you’ll get to interact with them and answer their questions, and you’ll have a great sense of purpose.


Looking after patients in a hospital or private medical practice is another compassionate role. The duties that a nurse takes care of are varied and depend on the doctors they work with. However, no matter what your specific job is, you can be sure that you’ll be working with patients that need care and you’ll be making a difference in the lives of every one of them. It’s important that you study an RN-BSN program to learn all about nursing and the nuances that come with it. Of course, you’ll also need some knowledge of medicine and biology, but most courses cover these points.

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Flight Attendant

Not only is a flight attendant a fantastic job for those who love to travel, it’s also a job that requires a lot of compassion. You’ll be taking care of people on planes. You’ll calm their fears, give them support to make them comfortable, serve them food and drinks, and also play a huge role in managing a specialised aircraft. Being a flight attendant takes a lot of training and it’s not a job for people who love their weekends to be free. Since you’ll be travelling all over the world, it’s hard to keep in touch with friends and you might miss your loved ones.


If you love animals, then you’ll love being a veterinarian. We love our animals, be they dogs, cats or even wolves, our little friends need just as much care as a human does, and the only way to provide them with the right care is to put them in the capable hands of a veterinarian. Training to be one takes a considerable amount of time, but if you love animals and you want to see their owners beaming with joy on a regular basis, then it’s time to consider a career switch to become a veterinarian. Not only can you help the pets themselves, but you’ll also have a hand in teaching their owners how to become better owners.


Teachers get a lot of complaints due to the way parents perceive the educational world. However, it takes a lot of dedication and a very thick skin to be a teacher. This is because being a teacher makes you subject to a lot of insults from children, many mean comments, and perhaps even some harassment. However, if you’re able to discipline your students and set them on the right path, you’ll be surprised at how fulfilling this job feels because you’re imparting knowledge to the next generation for them to lead better lives.

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