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If you’re stuck in a rut and contemplating a career change, it might be a good idea to look at what else is out there. The deeper you go into the search for gainful employment, the more likely you’re bound to run into some odd jobs. With that said, there are alternative careers even further under the surface that most people tend to overlook. Some are strange, some have a weird skillset requirement, but all are interesting. The below opportunities will give you an idea of where to look if you’re searching for a non-traditional opportunity that will still have a reasonable salary.

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Elevator Mechanic

It stands to reason that if there are elevators, then there are probably elevator mechanics. What you may not realize is that there is no elevator mechanic school and the 20,000 strong industry in the United States has largely been created from passed down knowledge. Another thing you might not know (and be surprised to find out) is that elevator mechanics earn a decent pile of money for the job they do, with the median salary being about $75,000. While most of their work is dedicated obviously to the repair, maintenance, and installation of elevators, most of these professionals are also well-versed in dealing with escalators, moving walkways, and other random alternatives to stairs.

To start your new career as an elevator mechanic, the first step will be to find an existing one and set up an apprenticeship deal to learn the ins and outs of the trade. Your apprenticeship probably won’t be paid too well, but the skills you learn over the course of about six months on the job will prepare you for your own solo career as an elevator mechanic. From there, you’ll only be going up. 

Blackjack Croupier

Even though online poker attracts more players than its live counterpart, the truth is that there are plenty of in-person games happening all the time. As such, each poker table in Macau, Las Vegas, or any other gambling location needs a trained croupier to handle all the details. If you’ve ever played live poker with a good dealer, then you probably didn’t even give them a second thought – they just delivered the cards, ran the game, and generally stayed out of the way. In fact, the best croupiers run the game so smoothly that you hardly realize they are there.

Training to become a blackjack croupier doesn’t take much time and the money is certainly good for the small amount of time needed to become certified. Sure, it helps to already know the basic rules of the game, but a good dealing school can have you ready for your first croupier gig in about a month. How much does a poker croupier pull in? Well, it depends on how good you are, as tips make up a good portion of a dealer’s income. While they are often pooled together with other dealers to get rid of variance, a good team of croupiers in a bustling card room can easily make $50,000+ a year. Add in plenty of free travel for major poker events and you’ve got a fun career.

Kids’ Luggage Organizer

Go back and read that again because maybe it didn’t settle in well the first time. Kids Luggage Organizer. Yep, it’s a real job and one that pays a ridiculous $250 per hour. What is a kids’ luggage organizer? Well, exactly what it sounds like. Every year when countless New York City parents send their children off to summer camp, it opens up a short window of employment for these professionals, whose sole job is to make sure the munchkins have everything they need for their parent-less sojourn.

It may sound like a cushy job, but you need to keep in mind that these parents are often pretty demanding about what their children need and a packing session could easily take four hours or more ($1,000 just to pack). One such organizer detailed her own experiences, stating that her clients were quite picky and even asked for sheets to be the same thread count as the kids had at home. It’s going to be a hard gig to break into, but if you do, a single season of luggage packing could bring in a salary similar to a normal job for a whole year.

Dog walker

For those looking to escape the 9-5 routine and who love the outdoors, you could become a dog walker. You may have to put up with a lot of crap (figuratively and literally!), but the money and flexibility are not bad

So many families that own dogs struggle to give them the adequate walks they need; after all, this clashes fiercely with their own 9-5 office job. If you love animals, fresh air, and fancy giving your neighbors a helping hand, this could be ideal.

While you will need to do some groundwork initially to build up the client base, this could be a hugely rewarding career or addition to a freelance job. Just make sure you’re business savvy, in-tune with dogs, and completely dedicated – yes, you still need to work even if there’s a blizzard outside.

If you’re interested in becoming a professional dog walker, working your own hours, and spending your day looking after people’s pampered pooches; check out this article on WikiHow for some top tips on getting started.

“Outside the box” employment opportunities are everywhere. In every small niche industry and corner, there’s some strange gig just waiting to be filled. Like the interesting examples above prove, if you’re willing to eschew the routine jobs and go for something a bit different, you might find that it comes with a decent bit of financial incentive.

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