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What’s your best attribute? Some people are naturally creative; others yet know how to talk to people. Then there are the brave ones, the ones who are able to face fear and do things anyway. If you’re one of these people, then there’s good news when it comes to looking for work: the employment world needs more people who don’t shrink from a challenge. Take a read of some of the job options that demand bravery and courage, and you might just find yourself on a new career path

You see, businesses don’t want people that can follow instructions. Well, they do, yet they need independent workers and men and women with drive, essential skills, ambition, and common sense.

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Into the Army

Now, let’s be frank here: the army isn’t going to be the best option for everyone, even if they’re of a brave and courageous disposition. But if you believe in the wider philosophy, then you could find that there are plenty by way of career opportunities in the military. And of course, the army is about much more than just being on the frontline. If you have special skills, then you’ll likely be able to find a job that makes the most of those skills. The going will get tough at times, regardless of what you’re doing, though, so don’t expect a cushy desk job.

Emergency Rescue

The world is full of emergencies, but most people don’t see them. There’s one special brand of person that does see these disasters firsthand, though: the people in the emergency services. This is usually broken down into the police, healthcare, and fire department. If you can see yourself in the world of fire helmets, trucks, and one in which you put your body on the line each day to help others, then look at the fire department. If you’re better at dealing with people, then the police might be the option for you. If you have a genuine desire to help people in their most worrying moments, then look at getting your paramedic license.

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Touring the World

Does your lack of fear manifest in a longing for adventure? Then you could be paid to travel the world, and help people achieve their dreams. Yet while being a mountain guide can most definitely have its moments of pure pleasure, it’s not without its risks. indeed, a large part of your job will be how you can help to keep your paying clients safe while they try to reach their own personal goals.

“How you envision your future is important to employers. They can tell a lot about the type of employee you think you are (or are hoping to become). That’s why one of the most common interview questions is, “What are your long-term goals?”” –

Protecting Others

You may have noticed that not all people in the world are created equal. Some find themselves in the corridors of power or otherwise influential positions, and, as such, as a target for people with conflicting interests. These powerful figures need people to help keep them and their families safe. Could you be that person? You’ll need to be willing to put your body on the line, and, of course, have the skills needed to thwart any potential threats. On the upside, you’ll also gain a unique insight into a world that most people only ever read about in the newspapers.

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Into the Factories

Factory jobs might not be what they once were, but they do still exist. While the pay can be good, there’s no getting around the fact that they’re dangerous places to be. If you’re working in one of these places, then most of the danger will come from your own lack of precautions, as a lot has been done to make factories safer than in the past. You’ll need to combine your bravery with a strong sense of safety and attention to detail. There’ll also be times when you might need to put yourself in harm’s way to help others, too.

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Search and Rescue

Humans are an adventurous bunch, but that doesn’t mean that every adventure goes off without a hitch. When you’re out in the wild, there’s always the chance that something will go wrong. If you’re working for search and rescue, it’ll be your job to jump in a helicopter, fly to a remote landscape, and try to bring the lost or injured party back to civilization. This could mean going into forest fires, near volcanoes, or out into the ocean. It’s a rewarding job, sometimes, but not one without its risk of danger.

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Behind Enemy Lines

The US might be safe, but there are parts of the world that are forever living in danger, and sometimes, they have to be infiltrated in order to bring people home. Could you hold your nerves, and enter wartorn zones to help bring innocent parties home? If so, you’ll have the chance to help a lot of people.

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