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If you are considering an expat job the first thing you need to know is what an expat or expatriate is? An expatriate is someone who resides either temporarily or permanently in a country other than that of their upbringing or culture. It is a specialized term often used to describe a professional working overseas. It should also be noted that the countries that are in the most need of expatriates are usually those who are developing a particular field and/or industry.

Finding a job abroad can be challenging, leverage the resources available to you and do your research. Using the Internet and recruiters will help you narrow down the choices. Send your resume to recruitment agencies and use professional employment services to help you find a job.

“You might already have a destination in mind, but if you don’t, think about what makes you an asset to a particular region. Foreign language skills are a natural first step, but if you want to apply directly to a job in another country, ask yourself where your skills and background will be most attractive to potential employers.” –

Make sure you look for companies that consider international candidates as they will also have an excellent understanding about visas and any work-related other documents needed in order to work in your new country of residence. Tell them exactly what type of work it is that you are looking for and you’ll be surprised at how effective these agencies can be at finding a job that suits you.



One of the most popular expat jobs is teaching. Numerous overseas schools look for teachers to help with English lessons for their students; the range of countries offering these jobs is quite wide. From Europe to Asia, teaching English is a rewarding and in-demand job. It is also one of the most important fields, as it teaches young minds who will one day be the leaders of this world.


As countries and their economies grow so do the number of construction sites around the cities. Experienced contractors and engineers are needed to help oversee building sites as well as to train individual members of the construction teams. There are numerous jobs available to expatriates in these areas, as countries are seeking to provide world-class apartments, office complexes, and attractions.

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Information Technology

With the rapidly evolving development of information technology, there is a serious need for computer specialists around the world. Companies need experienced and qualified individuals who are able to manage heavy workloads and implement new plans and ideas.

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These are simply a few of the most common jobs offered to expatriates. The work of an expatriate is beneficial not just to the host country gaining the expertise but also to the expatriate himself. The opportunity to immerse yourself and possibly your family in another culture and learn is wonderful. The traveling prospects are also good as you have the chance to visit places you might not have had a chance to previously.

The companies that offer expatriate jobs usually find housing as well as schooling for their employees’ children. While not all home or educational expenses may be paid, numerous companies do offer bonuses that will aid towards such ventures. Overall, the experience of being an expatriate is a truly gratifying one for both monetary and cultural reasons. If you ever have the chance to have such an adventure, take advantage of it.

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