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If you are looking for a new career which is a little more exciting and fun this year, a life coach could be the way to go. For anyone who is motivational at heart, loves to help people and make them feel great, and has a way with words: a life coach is a good career. 

A major skill that you need to be a life coach is to be able to relate to people in the right way. This means that you can have empathy with your clients and their situation.

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Today we are taking a look at what you will need if you want to take on the role of a motivational life coach this year to inspire the millions and make a difference to their lives. 

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Take an aptitude test

The role of a life coach is something which requires a certain set of skills and also requires you to be a certain type of person. A life coach has a job to help people stay on track with their goals and find their purpose in life and as a life coach, you can make a huge impact. This is why before you head into this position of influence and power you need to take a test to show that you have the right personality. Take a test and see if your skills match up with what is needed from a life coach.

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Develop a vision

As a life coach, you will be working for yourself and this can, of course, bring you a lot of freedom in your career. It also means that from the start you will have to come up with your own goals and style of work to fit in with what you want to do. It is important therefore to think about what message you want to put across to people who use your services and what advice you want to give. Take a look at seasoned life coaches for some inspiration in building your vision. 

“All successful businesses have one thing in common? They have great leadership. Great leaders not only have the qualities and traits to create value. They are a catalyst to ensuring that all aspects of a business work together. There may be people who are born leaders but many of us are not. If you are looking to take boost your career with a business leadership role, leadership coaching can help you get there.” – Enhance Your Career with Coaching

Plan the transition

Changing from a full-time role in a company to working for yourself on a life coaching business is a big leap and it is not without risks. This is why for the first few months of being a life coach it is a good idea to carry on working full time to help pay the bills until you find some stability in the field. It is more important than ever for you to plan your transition from one life to the other because it is such a huge leap and can be a big risk if you do not prepare for it.

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Take a course

Once you know that this is the career path you want to take, it is important for you to take a course so that you are qualified and also so that you know what you are doing. There are loads of life coaching courses around which you can take and all of these will help you in your journey to becoming the best you can be. Taking a course is a good step in your new career and it will allow you to start in the right direction from day one. 

Effective Coaching

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for leadership coaching. A pre-determined module may not work for everyone, and the point of coaching is to reach the issues each leader has.

Effective coaching addresses individual issues and may take on a life of its own. As the participants gain clarity, they can start to set goals. Ideas, innovations, and suggestions are all part of finding strategies for achieving those goals. Finally, participants learn how to measure value, to make sure the leadership is on course.

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