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Avoiding health problems at work – Advice and tips

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As much as it is hard to believe millions of people around the world are off work due to a health and safety issue that has arisen at work. This is because as much as people don’t like to think that it happens, accidents happen every day. Often when you least expect it but it can result in significant time away from work and some cases losing a job altogether. In this economic climate, few people can afford this kind of time off of work. If you want to avoid this, then here is a little advice for avoiding any health problems whilst at work.


Often if you are working in an environment where you may get injured, your employer will provide you with PPE. It may make you look silly, but it should give you as much protection as possible for you to complete the job. It can include things like cut-resistant gloves, hi-vis clothing, or respirators if you work in a dusty environment. These items are often bulky or semi-uncomfortable to wear but you just need to grit your teeth and bear it. It will protect you in the long run and help you to stay healthy at work.


Actively think about physical health

There have been many studies that have shown being physically active not only makes you healthier, thinner, and happier but can also make you more productive. If you are in a workplace in which you sit a lot of the day, then you will be surprised to learn how little energy you are burning.

There are simple fixes like making sure all hazards are clearly managed and labeled or ensuring that all team members are trained in health and safety.Click To Tweet

You should think about taking the stairs rather than the lift on the way to and from work or even conducting walking meetings. When you improve the physical health of your team, fewer people seem to go off ill. That is because the body can fight off infection when it is in better shape.

Mental health

You may think that this has nothing to do with health in the workplace, but this is not the case. If someone is struggling with their mental health, then their attention will not be fully on the task at hand. This will lead to things going wrong. Especially if the team member in question operates machinery or vehicles. It is important to foster an atmosphere in which people feel good about coming to work and know that they can speak to somebody if they need to. Promoting mental health awareness can not only prevent people from struggling but create a nicer and more productive work environment.

Avoiding health problems in the workplace

There are lots of different things you can do depending on what industry you are based in. There are simple fixes like making sure all hazards are clearly managed and labeled or ensuring that all team members are trained in health and safety. However, there are also risks that are not as visible on the surface. Try and expand your health and safety to include all risks to health like poor physical conditions and mental struggles.

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