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Alternative Career Options for When You Want to Escape the 9 to 5

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Are you staring at your computer screen, stuck in a dingy office, counting the seconds till the clock strikes 5 pm?

Have you been daydreaming of where you can escape the daily grind, and really throw yourself into something new, fresh and exciting?

If you’re desperate to escape the monotony of 9-5, but think every job is the same; think again. There are a whole host of weird and wonderful alternative career options that wave goodbye to set working hours, the constraints of an office,  and the ever-depressing ‘same old, same old’.

And the best thing?

Most of these jobs aren’t looking for a whole host of qualifications and experience in the field; they’re just looking for passionate folk who are ready to take on whatever challenges get thrown their way.

Here, we take a look at five of these alternative career options that can help you escape the 9-5:

1. Become a Care Giver

If you’re caring, compassionate and crave to make a difference; a job in care in the perfect career.

This career path goes well beyond the 9-5, and you can rest assured that no two days are the same. What’s more, you can spend your days transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults in your area. If you’re looking to escape the 9-5, there really is nothing better.

A job in care can also take many forms, which is why it’s such a sought-after career option for so many people. For example; if you wanted to bring the laughter of a child into your home and help improve a child’s quality of life, you could become a foster carer.

With generous fees and training included; it’s a surprise that so few people view fostering as a career option. Parenting is a full-on, 24/7 career but is a great way to develop new skills and escape the 9-5.

If you’re desperate to escape the monotony of 9-5, but think every job is the same; think again. There are a whole host of weird and wonderful alternative career options that wave goodbye to set working hoursClick To Tweet

If fostering isn’t for you, you could consider a career in a residential home, or even providing respite or domiciliary care for the elderly. These are just some options you could explore, but these jobs are certainly a far cry from the 9-5 grind.

Obtaining a Master’s degree in Social Work online will open several more doors for you. Not only will you be viewed as an expert in the field (and thus far more likely to be hired by any potential employers) but you’ll also learn more skills on the way. If you already work a 9-5 job, but don’t have a way to escape just yet, then consider online school, as you’ll be able to balance your education while working. In a couple of years, you’ll be a certified expert and capable of applying to a plethora of carer positions with a resume and cover letter anyone would be proud of.

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2. Teach English Abroad

Another way you can kiss goodbye to your office job – and experience a completely different world – would be to teach English abroad.

Not just for graduates and gap year students, working abroad opens up a whole host of opportunities. You can escape your desk job and set working hours, for a new country and culture; you can meet a diverse range of people, and really enrich your life.

You can choose to work in just about any location imaginable, and as long as you have people skills and a good grasp of the English language you could be considered for a role in this field. Take a look at the TEFL website for support, advice, and guidance on taking your first steps in this new career.

3. Dog walker

Our third and final alternative career option for those looking to escape the 9-5 routine is to become a dog walker.

So many families that own dogs struggle to give them the adequate walks they need; after all, this clashes fiercely with their own 9-5 office job. If you love animals, fresh air, and fancy giving your neighbors a helping hand; this could be ideal.

While you will need to do some groundwork initially to build up the client base, this could be a hugely rewarding career or addition to a part-time or freelance job. Just make sure you’re business savvy, in-tune with dogs, and completely dedicated – yes, you still need to work even if there’s a blizzard outside.

If you’re interested in becoming a professional dog walker, working your own hours, and spending your day looking after people’s pampered pooches; check out this article on WikiHow for some top tips on getting started.

These jobs are just a small proportion of the amazing jobs out there that break the 9-5 routine. If you’re looking to escape the office, why not look into trying something completely different with one of these great careers?

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