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As a wise woman once said, “It’s not about the money, money, money!”. But that’s a lesson that far too few of us learn at the start of our careers. Many of us, upon graduating, feel the temptation to flock to the highest-paying and highest-powered jobs. But for those of a sincere, caring and empathetic nature, such jobs aren’t always conducive to satisfaction and happiness. In fact, such jobs and careers may make them actively unhappy. And a great wage is never enough compensation for a job that makes you miserable. 

Empaths need careers that offer them more than remuneration and the ability to order people around, they need to nourish their need to nurture and care for others. With that in mind, if you’re an empath at the start of your career journey, or an empath looking for a change of career, you should seriously consider…

Empaths need careers that offer them more than remuneration and the ability to order people around, they need to nourish their need to nurture and care for others.

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Disability carer

Empaths tend not to do well in monotonous jobs. But when you’re a disability carer, no two days are ever the same. This fast-growing career is becoming more and more ripe with opportunities as it expands to meet the needs of a growing population. By providing disabled people with all kinds of physical, logistical, emotional and psychological support you’ll get to experience the profoundly rewarding feeling that comes with making a positive difference in people’s lives every day. If you have the qualities of a disability carer like patience, creative problem solving, independent thinking and, of course, empathy and great people skills this could be the career for you. There’s also lots of room to grow in this career and great job security.


For generations, mental health was something that we never really talked about, much less acknowledged as being as important to our overall well being as our physical health. Thankfully, however, people from all walks of life are coming to realize the importance of addressing their emotional and psychological health through counselling, talk therapies and other disciplines like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

As such, empaths may find the life of a counselor truly rewarding.  If you think you have what it takes to become a counselor, check out our post on the subject right here.

“Nursing careers are very rewarding, and you’re doing one of the most underappreciated jobs in the world. Without nurses, hospitals – and other health practices – would fall apart. It’s a career packed full of prospects, with plenty of room to grow.” – Nursing Careers


Nursing is an extremely challenging job and can often be stressful. However, for the kind of empath who can smile through any amount of stress and strain, nursing is an incredibly rewarding career with a great deal of opportunity for career progression and specialism. 


There are many different kinds of empath, and many empaths are extremely sensitive and can find themselves negatively affected by helping others through their emotional and physical pain. As such, careers like nursing or counseling may not be best suited to these empaths. 

However, working in a library allows them the opportunity to be helpful and useful to others every day while working in the kind of quiet and serene environment where many empaths naturally flourish. It’s essentially a customer service role without the challenging sales targets that tend to come with the territory in so many customer-facing roles. For the empath who loves books, peace, quiet and serenity it really is the ultimate career.

One thing’s for sure, no empath can thrive in a career they hate. If you dread going to work every morning, make this the year when you enact real change!

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