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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using a Temporary Recruitment Agency

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With employment at a record high, it is becoming a lot more difficult for businesses to attract the correct level of talent into their business and they are sometimes having to think outside of the box.  Using the conventional way of recruitment is proving to be a lot more challenging nowadays to get the right level of skillset into some companies.  Specifically, if you are looking to hire a specific niche that is not large in numbers within a specific location – employers may find it difficult.

Using a temp-hire recruitment agency may be the answer for a short term fix. There are many different advantages and disadvantages of doing this that we will outline here.

Short-Term Hire

If the company is looking to bridge a gap for a short period, a temporary staffing agency may tick the box as the people they employee won’t have the same level of rights as a full-time employee will.  Generally, you can let the individual go at pretty much no notice and they have no rights. For the employee, this is the risk that they take where they can be let go quickly. On the other hand, there is a risk to the business that the temporary employee can also break ties with the company very quickly and move on when they desire with no real notice or consequence.

Using a temp-hire recruitment agency may be the answer for a short term fix. There are many different advantages and disadvantages of doing this

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Range of Skills

Looking at Corporate Job Bank as an example, who is a staffing agency in Phoenix, they have a full catalogue of people that are able to start at the drop of a hat. This covers a large skillset of people in many different sectors including banking, medical and engineering.  Their temp services in Phoenix have literally thousands of people on these lists that have chosen to use this organisation to help try and find them work.  If a company is struggling to recruit the right level of skills into their business and they need to get someone in quickly, it seems a no brainer to explore this as a viable option.

Fees Included

For a company using the temporary staffing option, they can normally find that short-term, this is a little more expensive than using a full-time employee.  What you must remember though is that the little more you pay via this method is compensating for the little rights the individual has and the fact that you can let him or her go very quickly.

“Temping may have been seen as a less attractive option than permanent work in the past, but the economic downturn of the last two years has re-shaped the job market landscape; while we continue to see growth in new jobs, companies are remaining cautious and temp jobs have started to overtake permanent roles in terms of popularity.” – 10 Benefits of Temping

In addition to this, the staffing agency has done all the hard work on your behalf where they have allowed you to select from their list of registered people the right person for your company, when they will start, and what the agreed rates are. This will cover the cost of recruitment. Your full- time employees will normally also be expecting some additional benefits that help you retain staff. This can be healthcare which temps won’t be eligible for.

Make sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages before using one of these services.

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