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If you don’t have a career that suits you, you’re going to end up being miserable all your life. Work life if you work full time is a stressful occasion, especially if your job is pretty demanding. If you’re contracted 9-5, you’ll most likely be needed to do overtime, or work from home to prepare for the next day. Even if you work part time, work can be just as stressful and demanding. So why live your life putting yourself through a career that demands so much, but you enjoy so little. If you’re reading this and this relates to you, then take a look at the following career options and see if they suit you.

Hands On

Some people are just not suited for certain roles. A hands on person would have an absolute nightmare at your standard 9-5 office jobs. They’re busy bodies that need to be fixing something, or rushing round on their feet. As long as they’re not stuck in an office chair they’ll be happy. Does this sound like you? Then you have a few career options! If you’re male, why not go self employed as a builder. They’re paid a good wage if you build up your clientele, and you’ll definitely always be busy with your hands. It’s relatively easy to get a job if you have the right skills. You’ll just need to register yourself as self employed, and get builders insurance .If you’re female, why not consider being a nurse? Nobody has to rush round more than a nurse or doctor, and nothing is more hands on and rewarding. You’ll just need to train at university for three years and you’ll be on your way to a successful career.

People Person

Some people thrive off working with customers. If this sounds like you, then a job in sales could be the perfect career for you. If you’re great at customer interaction and love meeting now people, then explore the different roles within sales. A well paid career in sales could be within the car sales industry. There’s a lot of money to be made from commission, and if you truly are good at talking to people you will be successful in this area. Or, another rewarding job angle to take could be a teacher. It’s definitely a people person job, and theyget paid a pretty decent wage to. The hours and commitment are long, but the reward is worth it.

Problem Solving

Some people can’t help but be interested in how things work, or in this case, why they don’t work. Keeping their minds occupied through a working day with issues to solve is some people’s dream. Does this sound like you? If so then why not consider a career as an engineer. This combines the role of being hands on, and getting to problem solve at the same time. You’ll always be kept on your toes! Or a career as a forensic investigator might be even more suited for you. They’re constantly solving problems, and you’ll be helping the police at the same time.

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