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8 Must-Haves of a Successful LinkedIn Profile for 2022 Grads

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This school year is almost coming to an end, which means that graduates will start looking for a job soon. Every year, this means that hundreds of potential candidates flood the job market. If you want to get a decent-paying job, you need to prove yourself, create a bot-beating resume, and hope that you land an interview.

Today, there are plenty of resources that can put you ahead in the applicant tracking system. Lots of people have trouble expressing their accomplishments, so they hire experts from the best LinkedIn profile writing service for their resume needs. This is a perfect solution that can help you get more interviews in your job search!

Most of the time, job seekers start their path on the Internet. In general, it’s almost impossible to land a job today without some searching online. So, now is the time to update all your accounts, including LinkedIn. This website is very popular among college graduates because it’s like social media for employers and recruiters.

So, if you intend to work online, you need to know how to make a good LinkedIn profile and attract recruiters. Here are eight must-haves of a successful LinkedIn account for 2022 grads.

Why Should You Use LinkedIn?

If you are wondering why you need this specific website, there are many benefits to creating an account here. It’s like social media that has all the useful contacts that you might need to invest in your career! Here are a couple of reasons in favour of using LinkedIn as your main tool from the point of view of a career advice expert.

  • It’s a free promotion instrument for getting more exposure.
  • Lots of recruiting firms specifically ask for a LinkedIn profile as a part of the applications process.
  • You can connect with a hiring manager or a company to know about possible openings for a job application.
  • All of your accomplishments and key skills are laid out in the open. Maybe, a recruiter notices your professional qualities and offers you a position!

So, you can see why having a functioning profile is very important for graduates. Now, let’s dive into some tips about making your account more efficient and productive!

Fill Every Section of Your Profile

In 2022, it shouldn’t even be mentioned that you need to fill out your account 100%. Every section is there for a reason. First of all, you will provide valuable info to the ATS system that will increase traffic on your account. Second of all, recruiters can see all of your accomplishments in one place without asking for more info.

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Create Your Own Custom URL

Usually, most LinkedIn users have an automatically generated link to their profile, which is very long with random letters and numbers. Your profile will definitely stand out for the hiring managers. This tip will also help in the applicant tracking process. You can see it as having your own personal brand with your name on it!

Here are some tips about changing your automated URL to a custom one.

  1. Open up your LinkedIn account.
  2. Find the “Edit public profile and URL” shortcut.
  3. Create your own link. It’s better to use your first and last name, so recruiters can remember you better.

Add a Personal Touch, Like a Background Photo 

It goes without saying that applicants need to add their profile photos. Using a custom background can also make your account more productive. For example, if you graduated from a university linked to photography, using your own photos can generate interest in your account. For some people, the visual element is crucial.

Pay Attention to the Summary on Your Profile

Some specialists say that you can create a unique headline that will grab the attention of the recruiters immediately. Here, you can also briefly explain how your work and life experiences turned you into a valuable worker.

Have an Effective Network of Competent People

LinkedIn is all about networking. You can add as many contacts as you want, including your past colleagues, employers, or classmates. A lot of career resources can be put into forming an effective circle of communication. You never know what people you might need during your work experience.

Don’t Overuse Buzzwords in Your Headlines

Buzzwords are terms that are overused in the corporate world. For example, some experts say that words like “leader,” “specialist,” “innovative,” and similar terms are overrated. On the other hand, don’t forget about important keywords. You still need to craft a winning resume to beat the ATS.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Of course, some people want to have an introduction about themselves, their rank, and their greatest achievements. This will look great during your official interview. In a LinkedIn profile, it’s better to get to the point. Usually, recruiters don’t have a lot of time to read long entries in every section of the account.

Ask For Referrals, Comments, and Recommendations

It’s always best for graduates to use the full extent of this social media. You still have your connections from a university, so add your professors, classmates, or tutors. Maybe, some of them will even agree to write a letter of recommendation for you! This will serve as an advantage when you are looking for a job.


So there you have it, eight must-haves of a successful LinkedIn profile for 2022 grads! Don’t worry about having a perfect account from the first try. It’s always a good idea to ask for outside help or to look for expert accounts as an example.

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