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8 Awesome Things All Millennials Need On Their Bucket List

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It doesn’t matter how old you are, you have goals. Ask any four-year-old what three wishes they would have and they’ll list them for you. Ask a pensioner what wishes they would have, and they’d have some for you, too. Goals are what get us from one good picture to the next, and as we age our wishes turn into real, bucket list items. Every person dreams of doing certain things with their lives, and these dreams aren’t always tangible items that can turn into real results.

Unless you have considerable wealth, some goals we have in life won’t work at all – such as piloting a plane or even riding in a private one. Having a bucket list is brilliant: it keeps you on track for the things that you want, and it gives you the push you need to aim for more out of your life.


Millennials often get it in the neck from other generations for being ‘entitled’. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot, especially by the baby boomers. Millennials are the most switched on generation, having grown up with the rise of technology. They are far more aware of the issues going on around the world, they are more aware of their own sexuality, body and mortality and millennials are the generation that no longer just accept the status quo. Instead, millennials aim for change and the world has been so stagnant for so many years that change upsets the masses!

As a millennial, you may find that the bucket list goals that you have are often blocked or scuppered by the way the economy is falling and the way the employment market trends go. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot have goals and every millennial out there should have these following items on their bucket list for a life that is focused and satisfying!

Find A Good Career

Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy, nurse, doctor – whatever you want to do, you should aim to do it. Even the most successful people out there right now once had a crisis of confidence and didn’t know where to start. There is a whole world of opportunities out there and with studying in college becoming far more equal, with easier ways to borrow for student loans, you have a world of knowledge in front of you as well. The key to being able to enjoy life is to choose which path you want to take and carve out a future on that path. You have the opportunity to take on the education system and achieve as much as possible. You also have the opportunity to work your way up the ranks in a company. Learn how to quit jobs that make you unhappy and instead, ask for the things that will!

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Go Tech Free

Okay, so this may seem like a New Year’s Resolution more than a bucket list item, but in a world so run by the digital space, the idea of putting down the technology and stepping back into nature is a tough one! There is no written rule that says you must stare at a screen all day long. There’s no reason you cannot leave your smartphone at home and take time out with your friends. Communicating face to face may well be becoming a thing of the past, but go vintage if you must: put down the technology just for a day and watch how your eyes open to the things happening around you.

Buy A House…Or Two

It’s been a bucket list goal for most people from any generation, but buying a house is something that never really changes. If you are ever in a position to purchase your own home – and let’s face it, it’s a tough thing to do in this day and age – you are in a very lucky one. A lot of people like the idea of buying a house, doing it up and selling it on to buy an even bigger home later one. Using companies like Wren Realty, Inc to sell a home to buy a bigger one is a great way to climb the property ladder and built a property portfolio of your own. Unfortunately, most millennials find themselves in an impossible position when it comes to buying a house due to the rate of inflation compared to the baby boomer generation before us. The thing is, you don’t have to let your generation label dictate whether you have success in your efforts to buy a home!

“People restart or refocus their careers all of the time, perhaps a program such as an RN to BSN online program. Some are successful, but most are not. Some of the key factors that determine success are a solid plan and commitment to get it done. Your goals do need to be reasonable and achievable. Once you make the decision to “reboot” your career and start the process, you will start to see the impact” – 7 Steps to Achieving Your Career Goals

Be A Social Butterfly

And no, we don’t mean with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Tinder. Or any other social media platform. Working long days and then trying to find time for a social life is hard, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make it work. You don’t need to use your tablet or phone to have a social life and where possible, you should make every effort to grab a group of friends together and enjoy a regular night out. That doesn’t necessarily mean drinking or going crazy, but a simple night out seeing a show together and having dinner can really make your week a very different experience. Life is about enjoying yourself and making it a part of your bucket list – to enjoy life – gives you a chance to achieve something.

Travel The World

There is a very good chance you won’t be able to afford to do this one in one go, but who cares? If you can list five or ten places in the world that you would love to see before you die, you should endeavor to visit them. The world is a very big place and you should do what you can to try and visit places that are different from where you grew up. Experiencing different climates, cultures and foods are a part of life that you should always endeavor to achieve. Trying to get these done while you’re still young is also important, as the older you get the more responsibilities you have in front of you. Earn your experiences and do what you can to discover the world. You may end up discovering a whole lot more about yourself along the way.

Fall In Love

This one is aimed at millennials because it’s more common now for people to focus on their career than it is for people to think about falling in love. There was once a time that people met someone to settle down with and have children before the age of 30, and it’s now more common for people to have children in their thirties than their twenties. This shift causes people to rush, have a ‘thirties panic’ situation where they realize that they have no one to dote on, no children to follow them and no one to accompany them into the middle part of life. Instead of buying into thirties panic, aim to fall in love. It doesn’t matter if you fall in love more than once before you find the one that you want to settle down with, you should experience the swooping rush of excitement at least once in life!

Overcome Your Fears

Spiders, heights, confined spaces, high-interest rates – whatever frightens you, you need to face it. choose any of the fears you have and make yourself overcome it. Being afraid of the dark requires you to sleep outside without the lights on. Take a bungee jump off a high bridge with a friend to embrace adrenaline and not associate heights with fear anymore. Literally, everyone out there has a fear or a phobia of something, and while it can be hard to identify the root of the fear that you have, there are ways you can find out the fear and overcome it. No one becomes fearless, but the ore of your fears you overcome the better off and more confident you will be.

Learn To Care

The world is a harsh and scary place, and when we have a certain level of drive to hit our goals, we can forget to care about more than ourselves along the way. We are trained to put our career first and put everything else second, so you have to learn to care for something or someone other than yourself. Getting a pet from a rescue, whether a cat, dog or bird is a good way to work out how well you can care for something other than yourself.

Ultimately, you need to be able to look at your life and the goals you set for yourself and know you’ve lived in a way that fulfills you.

Bucket list goals can be as big or as small as you want them to be and the bigger the goal, the harder you have to aim toward it. Don’t listen to other generations telling you that you’re doing something wrong; take your life with both hands and aim to enjoy it as much as possible.

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