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7 Top Reasons to Choose a Tech Industry Career

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When choosing a career, several factors need to be taken into account, including your interests, personality, skills, education, and passion. Finding a career that meets most of these criteria is a stroke of luck. In recent years, the tech industry has emerged as a popular choice, resonating with the desires and career aspirations of many new entrants. It stands out as a field that not only ignites passion but also aligns well with the skill sets and interests of individuals looking for dynamic and fulfilling careers.

Your personal interest and passion aside, having a tech career is a prudent choice. Many reasons corroborate the authenticity of our claim made earlier.

You will get to know about all these reasons in this article below.

1. Growing industry

Industry growth is one of the primary factors when deciding on a career. The technology business is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It has had more growth in the past decade and is also one of those industries brimming with opportunities.

According to BLS predictions, the employment outlook for technology and computer science-related jobs is expected to grow 13% from 2020 to 2030, which is faster than the average of all occupations. This growth is not surprising when considered in the backdrop of the use of technology and its applications in our daily lives.

2. Better earning opportunities

Another winning factor about the tech industry is its good compensation packages. Besides, due to the intricate nature of technology-oriented jobs, getting a good salary seems only fair.

Many companies have outsourced hiring talented individuals, so talent-hunting organizations negotiate the salary packages instead of the company itself. However, these tech talent hunting and development firms offer a fair deal to attract better talent.

For instance, the Revature software developer salary is market-competitive and fully justifies the competencies of the person they hire. Often there is no need to negotiate or discuss the package either.

In the US, software developers, programmers, and coders earn an average salary of $85,555 per year.

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3. Merit gets priority

In traditional firms, seniority often beats merit when it comes to promotions and assigning important tasks. However, the tech industry mostly has young entrepreneurs running them, so they develop a culture that focuses on what people do, and meritocracy comes to the forefront.

So, being in the tech industry, you won’t complain about not getting opportunities.

4. The tech industry is hiring aggressively

As technology takes over every aspect of our lives, the industry will continue attracting new talent. There are more ideas to work on in the tech industry than there are people who can put life into those ideas. Therefore, the world needs programmers, software developers, coders, and other people related to computer science expertise.

It is less likely that anyone with a technology background won’t find a job in the coming years.

According to BLS, about 667,600 new jobs will become part of the economy in the next decade, starting from 2020. The only needed ingredients are your passion for working in this field, your technical expertise, and your creative mind.

To be the right candidate, you need to think outside the box and ponder the human needs and what kind of product they would require. Once you fulfill these requirements, getting engaged with the firm of your choice is not difficult.

5. You will engage in meaningful work

Not many industries change the world’s functions as the technology industry does. On the back of the tech developments, the world has been venturing into automation, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and smart technologies. Technology has made everything work faster, better, and more efficiently.

When you pursue a career in the tech industry, you become a part of legions of the creative minds behind these revolutionary changes in the world. Being a part of the same tech community, you see how meaningful your work is for the rest of humanity.

6. No need for a computer science degree

Not many industries will give you the liberty to get a job without a formal degree. There are no written rules that only people with a computer science or programming background can work in this industry.

You might have a background in math, psychology, English, or science and still find a career in the tech industry. This is because you need a fire in the belly and an interest in the tech industry more than a technical background.

In fact, in some cases, not having a technology background strongly works in your favor. Often industries prefer people with a diverse educational experience who can think beyond the mental limits of a tech guy.

The more diverse your team is, the more ideas you can collect and offer solutions to your consumers.

7. Flexible work environment

The work environment plays an important role in improving or impacting your work performance. One of the perks of the technology industry is that you get a laid-back and flexible work environment.

There are often no stringent reporting requirements. Software developers, coders, etc., work according to their schedules. Employers provide an environment that helps with the creative instincts of their employees.

Moreover, employers try to develop a fun company culture that makes their employees happy and more productive. There is also an emphasis on the collaborative work culture that promotes communication and the free flow of ideas.

Simply put, working in the tech industry is more flexible compared to other traditional industries where you have to sit all day and do the tasks.


The tech industry is becoming one of the most liked industries due to the perks and flexibility it offers to the people working in it. It is attracting talent to continue with its current growth rate. This is highly unlikely that you will stay unemployed with a tech degree in your hand. So, it is the ideal time to get into this sector if you have all that makes you a tech geek.

Hope you enjoyed the article and got a gist of why you should pursue a career in the tech industry. Happy Reading.

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