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6 Surprising Things You Can Do With A Health Coach Certification

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We come across questions posed by health coaching enthusiasts often. One of the most asked questions is what to do with the knowledge.

You might have earned a health coaching certification. It’s okay to focus on standard fields like fitness coaching, nutrition coaching, etc. However, there are other fields that you probably haven’t noticed, but your certification can land you jobs in them.

You might not even have earned your certification. Maybe it’s still in the works. This article is a wake-up call for you. You don’t have to limit yourself to a few fields. There are various options you can choose from.

Not to worry, you’ll learn more about other health fields in the course of this article. Stay tuned.

Before we go on with the list, we think it’s essential for you to note that you should try your health and nourishment methods on yourself first before you administer them to potential clients. 

This is a failproof method that lets you know if your processes are feasible. It’s also a great way to learn how to make your career work for you.

A major skill that you need to be a coach is to be able to relate to people in the right way. This means that you can have empathy with your clients and their situation.

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Here are six alternative professions you can embrace with your health coaching certification

1. One-on-one coaching

Have you thought of acquiring the certification just for the sake of imparting knowledge in others? 

Here’s the thing: not everyone is going to become a fitness or nutrition trainer. Besides that, who is going to provide quality education for other enthusiasts who are willing to learn the ropes?

If your sole purpose of acquiring a health coach certification is to impart knowledge to others, you should be okay being a personal coach. Since you must have tried your wellness program on yourself, sharing your testimony is a great way to encourage others.

In some cases, you don’t even have to teach other health coaching enthusiasts. There are occasions when individuals need the best health advice and mentoring. You’re in the right position to provide such service to them.

For personal coaching, you’ll need to set up a website, choose your specialization, and start your coaching journey. It might even be office-based. Whatever works for you is just fine.

Find out if teaching is right for you.

2. Chef

Have you been to many restaurants? Are you satisfied with the amount of nutrition each serving contains? Are you worried about how unhealthy many of the meals offered are? Are you an advocate against high-calorie consumption?

Maybe you should consider working as a chef.

You might find the correlation between health coaching and food puzzling. We’ll put you out of your misery.

There is a recommended dietary allowance for the meals we consume. It varies on individuals, but the aim is to keep us healthy. Unfortunately, many of the foods we buy at restaurants and the likes are mostly unhealthy for us.

As a chef who has undergone sufficient training in health coaching and understands the importance of eating well, such a chef will ensure the best cooking practices are followed in restaurants. Therefore, public food outlets will offer healthy meals.

3. Nutrition coaching  

Adequate nutrition is vital for fitness training. No matter the amount of training an individual undergoes, it might be useless if such a person makes poor food choices.

When this happens, people resort to dieting. Little do they understand that nutrition is more than dieting. It is why the world needs nutrition coaches who’ll put people through the right choices to make.  

As a nutrition coach, you are expected to offer personalized and long-term nutrition education that is productive and produces desired results in clients. 

It is your duty to fight against those dark forces that tempt people to make poor food choices and ensure their general wellness improves over time.

Similarly, the focus of a nutrition coach is usually on a client’s body and lifestyle. They are the crux of an individual’s entirety.

4. Online personal training

Many people are familiar with personal training, which is always physical. However, not many realize that such training can be replicated online. An online personal trainer offers his/her services via the internet.

Typically, people have to go to a gym, or their trainer comes over to their house to provide services. However, new systems have sprung up and one of them is online personal training.

As an online personal trainer, you have to offer fitness drills for your clients, monitor and evaluate their progress as well as help them with nutrition coaching too.

The primary tools are social media and video snippets that visualize training drills. As a health coach, you can consider this category especially if you favor the idea of working from home.  

5. Health blogging

If you have a knack for writing and you’re interested in health coach certification, or you’ve even acquired one, maybe blogging is right for you.

Just like you’re reading this article, you have a lot to offer the world. It’s fantastic that you have gained sufficient knowledge of health and general wellness. Others should learn from you. Your blog is a great way to make other people learn.

You don’t have to set up a personal blog at first. You can write on other blogs as a guest. Similarly, there are websites that pay people to write articles. Make use of such opportunities.

Through churning out regular and insightful content, people will think of you as a thought leader in your field. You can set up your blog then. Since you have the audience, it’s poised to be a massive success.

These are some great steps on how to start a freelancing business

6. Become a vlogger

Are you subscribed to any YouTube channel? Do you find a particular channel intriguing? Do you always look forward to videos from a specific individual? That’s all vlogging is all about.

Various YouTube channels set up by vloggers (video bloggers) exist. These vloggers dish out different information most entertainingly and compellingly.

As a health coach, you can set up a YouTube channel mainly for videos relating to health issues. Make your videos as insightful and entertaining as possible, and you can rack up subscribers that way. With time, you’ll be able to start monetizing your channel.

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