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Revolutionize Learning: 5 Online Tools to Boost Your Education

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Technology, and the internet in general, have both forever transformed education. Countless studies prove that online learning is here to stay (and will most likely become the preferred method of learning in the future). The numbers are surprising, to say the least: over six million people in the US are taking online classes (and most of them are working professionals – not full-time students).

However, it doesn’t matter whether you work 9:00 to 5:00 and study from 6:00 to 10:00 or go to school all day (and study all night), you’re going to need ways to maximize your online classes. While there are countless online productivity tools, apps, and time management programs, it can be difficult to know which apps/tools are suited best for your specific needs.

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That’s why we’ve written this blog; to help you get the most out of your education by utilizing the best online apps/tools available. Below we provide an in-depth overview of over five different note-taking tools, time management apps, and online tutoring/homework help services.

Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Help

One of the most common problems that students deal with is not knowing how to get help with a certain issue regarding their coursework. Whether it’s related to their homework, a lecture, or preparing for an exam, many students would benefit from utilizing one of the many online tutoring/homework help websites.

For example, by using an online college homework help tool (such as Homework Market), you can receive insight into problems that you may not have understood otherwise. Websites like these can be a great addition to your arsenal (in terms of preparing for exams, completing particularly challenging homework assignments, etc.).

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Get Involved With Your Classmates

Sharing content, ideas, notes, etc. is one of the best ways to develop a higher level of understanding of topics that you’re unfamiliar with. While many students no longer have study groups or related information-sharing sessions, they do use the internet (a lot). Luckily there are many different apps/web-based programs that are great for collaborating, sharing, and studying together.

One of the best tools on the web for sharing content (notes, lectures, slideshows, etc.) is called Padlet. This app comes in two different versions (with one focused on school and one on business). You should look into each version of the app and determine which one is best for your needs.

be creative

Get Creative!

learning at a high level is all about staying engaged with the subject(s) you’re trying to learn. One of the absolute best ways to stay engaged with something is by making it fun. Injecting some creativity into your study sessions can have a tremendous impact on your learning process.

Online apps such as Animoto can be used to create fun, short videos of educational topics to assist you in your studies. Combining this tactic with collaboration is a great way to get multiple people involved in the creative process (which can also provide a boost to engagement levels).

Look for Additional Online Learning Resources

Many students make the mistake of only sticking to a course’s specific curriculum and fail to realize that there is typically a lot of outside material that can also be applied to their coursework.

Using websites such as Udemy, or Coursera, can provide an extra level of insight when you feel like the standard course curriculum isn’t doing much. Besides this, you can learn more about the derivative calculator which processes the common rules of differentiation like chain rule, product rule, etc. The great thing about a lot of these types of websites is that they’re completely free (even though there are some paid courses – but if you’re worried about costs, simply choose the free options instead of the paid ones).

Use Your Phone

Many students like to work/study on their laptops, which is completely understandable, but what about phones? There are several top-notch learning apps available on both iOS and Android-powered smartphones.

One of the better apps out there is called Brainstorm. This app contains thousands of hours of videos explaining topics around a host of different subjects (e.g. math courses, science topics, English, etc.). You can even use Brainstorm to help prepare you for an upcoming test (it has a section dedicated to exam prep videos).

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re preparing for an exam, need help with a homework assignment, or simply want to improve your learning abilities, the apps mentioned above are a great starting point. Online learning isn’t going anywhere, and making use of these online learning apps can bring your learning abilities to the next level.

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