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5 Qualities Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Become Successful

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Selling real estate deals with different groups of people—from property sellers to mortgage officers— and requires someone to coordinate and oversee the transactions between them. This is where the real estate agent steps in and ensures that these transactions are smooth and pleasant.

But what does it really take to be a successful real estate agent? There is a lot more to it than simply trying to sell a product; it requires you to be a jack of all trades, adept in communication, research, and interpersonal skills. A quick online search will present you with a lot of tips, which could be overwhelming to keep track of. Luckily, most of these tips can be condensed into five essential qualities that many clients look for.

Below are the qualities you need to start your success as a real estate agent:

1. You know your way around technology

Though a fairly new thing to consider in dealing with real estate, it is quite important to be tech-savvy, especially with technology that can streamline a variety of processes and can greatly boost productivity. Knowing how to utilize such tools will always give you the upper hand as a real estate agent.

Being able to navigate websites and other online resources that are specifically made to provide the latest information is a necessity. Knowing how to use social media to boost your services through specialized advertisements or more creative outputs—like videos or picture galleries—is an indispensable skill.

The good news is that navigating technology does not have to be an uncomfortable and difficult experience. There are special programs developed specifically for real estate agents, like “Showing Pro” from Pro Agent Solutions, which provides automated showing feedback for realtors with a user-friendly interface.

2. You show initiative and possess a good work ethic

To actually achieve results, you need to consistently make the effort of putting yourself out there when dealing with potential buyers and other important parties. Think of yourself as a small, independent business since most real estate agents are independent contractors, even if they work with brokers. You are your own boss, which inevitably comes with more responsibilities when managing your tasks, client relationships, and the growth of your business. More than simply working long hours, you need to have a drive that keeps you enthusiastic throughout each day. A great agent knows how to manage their time, and a successful one knows how to use it wisely.

What does it really take to be a successful real estate agent? There is a lot more to it than simply trying to sell a product; it requires you to be a jack of all trades, adept in communication, research, and interpersonal skills.Click To Tweet

3. You do your research

No client would want to engage with a real estate agent that has a half-hearted interest in what they are trying to sell. It is important to cultivate an interest in other aspects of property and housing, such as architecture and interior design. It distinguishes you as someone who is not only invested in their work but deeply knowledgeable about the ins and outs of what you are selling.

Although it helps to be knowledgeable in the different areas of property management, a great agent is one who takes the time to learn about their local community. It is also important to develop a thorough understanding of your local real estate market to help you stand out from the rest and let potential clients know that you are the best person to consult for that particular niche. Whether you are researching the effects schools have on property pricing or the current trends in your locality, it is important to think ahead and update your knowledge database.

4. You have good communication skills

A successful real estate agent knows how to communicate well with their clients, from answering business calls to writing enticing descriptions of the houses you are selling. More importantly, communication has as much to do with listening to what your client wants as it does with speaking. Convincing buyers should not involve being pushy or overly aggressive in your marketing—it requires emotional intelligence used alongside your knowledge database to help fulfill the needs of your buyers.

5. You know how to connect with others

The field of real estate is not an isolated one. A good real estate agent will build a network of agents and brokers, as well as other parties involved in property transactions like house inspectors and appraisers. You will not only assure buyers that you are well connected with the real estate community but also widen your reach within the different markets by dealing with other agents.

One of the most important factors in building a network is actually connecting with your clients. Try not to focus solely on the business aspect of your work. Rather than going from one client to another and ending your relationship with them as soon as a deal is made, maintaining good relationships can help you strengthen your client base, as a steady group of returning clients can lead you to more opportunities. For this reason, an approachable and dependable personality is integral in fostering open communication and trust throughout all transactions.

The two most important things to consider when aiming to become a successful real estate agent is the depth of your knowledge and the quality of your personality—which includes your integrity, drive, and interpersonal skills. Success comes with a balance of these elements, never choosing one in favor of the other, but knowing which ones to use in every situation.

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