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5 Jobs a College Student Can Do Without Giving Up Valuable Time

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Time is a premium commodity for college students. You must allow time for classes, homework, and studying while keeping up with sleep and a social schedule. It may seem impossible to maintain a job as well, but the right position can give you extra cash without disrupting your whole day. The key is to find a flexible work opportunity that maximizes your earning potential in just a few hours. Consider these smart job opportunities and start paying off those loans while you’re still going to school.


If you connect with the right family, you can find an ongoing position as a nanny that’s flexible enough to accommodate your college schedule while helping you earn a decent chunk of cash. Depending on the ages of your charges, you might be able to do some of your homework while they’re working on their own, or study as you’re waiting to pick them up from dance class. Many families need help just a few days a week or for a couple of hours in the afternoon, which gives college students ample time to take care of their own responsibilities.

Massage therapist

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If you’re going into a health-related field, carrying credentials as a massage therapist can be a great perk. This isn’t something you can jump into without an education, but just 500 hours of training can give you the necessary credentialing to work independently as a masseuse. The benefits of this work are numerous. You can set your own appointments and hourly rates and work in the client’s home. As a massage therapist, you can typically receive tips on top of your hourly fees, increasing your opportunities for easy earnings while you work through college.

Independent Sales Consultant

Do you have a knack for sales? A traditional retail job probably isn’t flexible enough for your busy college schedule. However, as an independent sales consultant, you can work whenever and wherever you like. Study sessions and social activities can turn into opportunities for unexpected earnings if you spot a fellow student in need of your products.

There are numerous companies offering these types of jobs, so you can sign up to sell products that you’re passionate about, whether that means jewelry, handbags, or home goods. Work with a company like Amway, and you can sell everything from surface cleaners to face masques, giving you access to a broad group of potential buyers.


Working as a tutor gives you a great way to expound on your passion for a particular topic. If you’re in school for accounting, you can fine-tune your skills by being a math tutor. Snag a job as an English tutor and make money while you brush up on writing skills for your journalism major. Education majors are uniquely suited to this type of work. Tutoring students in the right age range can give you a peek at what your future career has in store.

Tutoring is an extremely flexible occupation. Some tutors even work remotely, using video conferencing, text, and email to connect with their students. Set your own schedule and rates, and you can start a lucrative little side business tutoring independently. If you have trouble finding clients, try a site like

Personal Trainer

Are you a fitness buff with flawless form and a knack for motivation? Offer your services as a personal trainer and you can make money while enjoying time at the gym. This is a great way to combine activities in your schedule. You can make sure you don’t miss your morning run, and start earning money for those miles by working with others who need a little extra help to get out and get moving. This is a flexible job that’s ideal for a nutrition or health major. Use your knowledge of smart eating habits and proper health care to help others get in the best shape of their lives.

Think outside the box and you can find a wealth of work opportunities that will let you earn extra money while staying in school. Focus on your strongest skills and find a way to use these for profit. Whether you’re good at identifying shoppers’ needs or making history homework interesting, you can make money using your skill set.

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