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5 Hot Jobs in Career Coaching

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Business DegreeThere several types of career “help”, from career guidance (what careers you should consider) to career coaching (advice on how to further your existing career) to job search advice/coaching (helping you find that next job) to name a few. All are interesting careers and the general outlook is that these careers are expected grow 12% to 2022

If you know that you want to work with people, and you find careers, planning and guidance interesting, then one of these careers might be for you. There are several careers to choose from if you think you would be good in this field.

Career Coaching:

  • What They Do – Whether you are at the beginning of your career or 20 years into your career, a career coach can help you take your career to the next level.  Planning for that promotion or understanding your career path.  Career coaches are experts who help you align your personal goals and strengths with career opportunities. They typically help you create a career plan to get to that next level in your career as well as help you plan your progress over you career.
  • How Much They Make – A lot depends on where you work and your experience level, but according to, annual salaries in the US range from $30,000 to $85,000 or more.
  • Education and Training Requirements – There are no specific educational requirements although it is generally expected that career coaches will have a minimum of a Bachelors (a Masters degree is a plus).


Career Guidance:

  • What They Do – Not everyone knows what they “want to do when they grow up” and sometimes people are undecided with several career thoughts. A Career Guidance Counselor will help you figure that out. This is done by assessing your strengths and weaknesses, typically by using a variety of aptitude tests (see Employment Testing and What it Means to You) and then applying the results to careers (matched against your education, experience and abilities). Career Counselors can work within High Schools, Universities and have private practices.
  • How Much They Make – According to, Career Counselors have a median salary of $53,600 per year with the top 10% earning more than $86,000 per year.
  • Education and Training Requirements – If you are working within a school, you will likely need a Masters degree in counseling or a related field. Licensing may also be required, depending on the local or state municipality. Certification is available via the National Board for Certified Counselors (
  • Finding a job – job search links ==>> Career Guidance Counselor.  Also take a look at some industry specific websites and trade groups.


Succession Planning Consultant:

  • What They Do – A Succession Planning Consultant helps companies plan and develop potential “replacements” for senior company roles. While not limited to the “C Suite” (CFO, CEO, COO, CTO, etc.), these consultants are typically working with the most senior positions in the organization. They can help find and develop replacements within the organization or help spearhead a search for external replacements. They may also be responsible for helping to develop leadership talent within the organization
  • How Much They Make – Those first starting out in this career (which typically means you’ve already worked within the consulting world for a period of years) will typically make in excess of $50,000 with the top 10% earning in excess of $150,000 depending on years of experience, client type (Fortune 500) and industry.
  • Education and Training Requirements – Most employers will require a Bachelors degree or MBA. Typical majors include organizational development, Psychology, business or Human Resources Management.

Executive Coaches:

  • What They Do – An Executive Coach is an individual who helps senior executives (or those planning/hoping to be a senior executive) development self-awareness, team development, management skills, speaking/presentation skills and interpersonal skills. An executive coach is generally hired externally as a consultant, but can also be found in large companies. Executive coaches are typically (but not always) individuals who specialize in personal branding.
  • How Much They Make – According to, executive coaches can earn from $28,000 (at the start) to $124,000 or more depending on a variety of factors (experience, education, etc.).
  • Education and Training Requirements – Similar to other coaching careers that require interaction with senior staff, most employers will require a Bachelors degree or MBA in Organizational Development, Psychology, business or Human Resources Management.
  • Finding a job – Look for institutional and industry groups for some leads. job search links ==>> Executive Coach

job search Consultant:

  • What They Do – job search consultants help people in their job search (pretty obvious).  Activities can range from resume help to sourcing leads and helping people with interview skills.
  • interview skills.  There are no specific educational requirements.
  • Finding a job – job search consultants can work as independents, work for a recruiting agency or work at a job coaching firm. job search links ==>> Job Search Consultants

If you have great interpersonal skills, any of these careers might be a good fit for you. These careers offer opportunities to both, work for yourself or to work within a larger organization. According to the BLS, These careers are expected to become increasing popular over the next ten years.


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